Happy Feet Three is an 2022 3D computer-animated family comedy film directed, produced, and co-written by George Miller. The film is the sequel to 2011's Happy Feet Two and the third installment in the Happy Feet franchise.

In the film's ensemble voice cast, Elijah Wood, Alicia Moore, Hugo Weaving, Sofia Vergara, Magda Szubanski, Common, and Hank Azaria reprise their roles from the first film. Robin Williams, who voice Ramon and Lovelace in the first two films, died in 2014, so his roles were passed to Eddie Redmayne and Tom Hardy. Ava Acres, who voiced Erik in Happy Feet Two, grew too old, so the role of Erik was passed to Chloe O'Malley. They are joined by Dennis Haysbert, Kevin James, Emma Stone, Edie McClurg, Shane Van Dyke, Jim Norton, and Kerry Washington, who voice the new characters introduced. The film takes place one year after the events of Happy Feet Two. It is also the first Happy Feet film without the participation of Williams, Richard Carter, or Anthony LaPaglia.

It was released in Australian theaters on November 8, 2022, and on November 11 in the United States, by Warner Bros. Pictures. The film grossed $515 million and received positive reviews, with many critics considering it an improvement over its predecessor.


One year after the events of the second film, Mumble, Erik, and Ramon find themselves in the Arctic. Along the way, it will take Mumble's tap-dancing skills, along with help from some new friends to get back home.


  • Elijah Wood as Mumble
  • Eddie Redmayne as Ramon, He was voiced by the late Robin Williams in the first film.
  • Hank Azaria as The Mighty Sven
  • P!NK as Gloria
  • Chloe O'Malley as Erik, son of Mumble and Gloria. (replacing Ava Acres)
  • Sofia Vergara as Carmen, Ramon's Wife.
  • Common as Seymour
  • Hugh Jackman as Memphis
  • Nicole Kidman as Norma Jean
  • Hugo Weaving as Noah the Elder
  • Miriam Margoyles as Mrs. Astrakhan
  • Lil' P. Nut (Benjamin Flores Jr.) as Atticus, son of Seymour.
  • Meibh Campbell as Bo, daughter of Miss Viola.
  • Magda Szubanski as Miss Viola
  • Tom Hardy as Lovelace, He was also voiced by the late Robin Williams in the first film.
  • Carlos Alazraqui as Nestor
  • Johnny A. Sanchez as Lombardo
  • Lombardo Boyar as Raul
  • Jeff Garcia as Rinaldo
  • Dennis Haysbert as McKay the polar bear
  • Kevin James as Stuart the arctic fox
  • Emma Stone as Jane the arctic hare

Additionally, Edie McClurg, Shane Van Dyke, Jim Norton, and Kerry Washington are cast in undisclosed roles.


Better When I'm Dancing - Meghan Trainor

Just Dance - Lady Gaga

Why Can't we be Friends? - Smash Mouth

Danza Kuduro - Don Omar

My Life is a Party - Italio Brothers

Beautiful Life - Ace of Base

Everybody - Justice Crew


  • This movie will be in a memory of Robin Williams despite his death in 2014
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