This is a superhero movie that will be released in 2023 with Jake Gyllenhaal in the title role.

This is the first installment of a cinematic universe dedicated to the Lanterns Corps.


An arrogant and self-serving USAF pilot will become a space policeman to save the universe from an evil entity and encounter many forms of extraterrestrial life, whether they are friendly or not !


  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Harold "Hal" Jordan / Green Lantern, the protagonist of the movie (First Appearance)
  • TBA as Krona, the main antagonist of the movie (First Appearance) (Appparent Death)
  • TBA as Taal Sinestro (First Appearance)
  • TBA as Carol Ferris, the love interest of the movie (First Appearance)
  • TBA as the Manhunters First Appearance)
  • TBA as Kanjar Ro, the secondary antagonist of the movie (Only Appearance) (Death)
  • TBA as Kilowog (First Appearance)
  • TBA as Abin Sur (Only Appearance) (Death)
  • TBA as Tomar-Re (First Appearance)
  • TBA as Ganthet (First Appearance)
  • TBA as Sayd (First Appearance)
  • TBA as Arkillo (Cameo)
  • TBA as John Stewart (Cameo)
  • TBA as Amon Sur (Cameo)


There will be a sequel titled "Green Lantern Corps II : Sinestro War" which will be released in 2026 and will mark the first appearance of John Stewart.


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