This is a Upcoming 2020 Film of idea than I normally do. Instead of writing an in-depth plot, I will be making a sort of list of events that occur to tie in with Illuminati. Stakar Ogard's team isn't present because they will be the antagonists of a movie I will write: Nova. - Valeyard6282. Rated R for the following reasons: High use of cuss words, strong graphic violence and blood.


Ayesha and the Sovereign get revenge on Thor, Black Widow & the Guardians with their super-weapon known as Adam- fueled by an immensely powerful sphere known as The Kismet. When the brother of Thanos, Eros, and his mercenary partner Moondragon- who is the resurrected daughter of Drax- attempt to remove The Kismet from Adam, they get caught up with the Guardians.



*Peter Quill- Chris Pratt

*Gamora- Zoe Saldana

*Rocket Raccoon- Bradley Cooper

*Groot- Vin Diesel

*Drax- Dave Bautista

*Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow -(Adam Warlock Search For Her And Brings Her Alive From The Soul Stone In Vormir)- Scarlett Johansson

*Chris Hensworth- Thor

*Adam Warlock- Alexander Skargard

*Mantis- Pom Klementieff

Yondu- Micheal Rooker

*Ayesha- Elizabeth Debicki

*Simon Williams- Nathan Fillion

*Moondragon- Olivia Dudley

*Phylla-Vell- Gwendoline Christie

*Starfox- Kevin McKidd

*Jack of Hearts- Jared Padalecki

*Vance Astro- Ben Foster

*Kraglin- Sean Gunn

*Pip the Troll- Danny McBride

== Released Date ==

May 2020

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