Godzilla: Rise Of The Monsters Is A 1997 Japanese Science Fiction/Action Film Directed By The Same Director Of Rebirth Of Mothra. It Is Part Of The Heisei Godzilla Canon. The Film Has A PG Rating.



In 1998, Godzilla Returns Once Again To Rampage, The JSDF Wants To Exterminate Godzilla And Every Other Giant Monster. Miki (Megumi Odoka) And The G-Force Want To Prevent This, Because Godzilla And All Of The Other Giant Monsters Could Bring Back The Reefs, Forests, And Glaciers. The G-Force And JSDF Skirmish Across The World To Prevent The Monsters And Godzilla From Being Killed, But The Monsters Have Their Own Plans, This Is Not Our World, It's Their World, Godzilla's World. 


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