Galen-Kor is a villain of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel. He appeared in Captain Marvel. He is portrayed by David Morissey.


Iron Man 4

Galen-Kor appeared first when Carol Danvers and Captain Mar-Vell were taken hostage. He said the they could not tolerate betrayal, and he also asked who Carol is. One of the Kree said: An CIA Agent. Then he said that they have to put Carol in the cell. Galen said also that he will deal with Captain Mar-vell. He decided to kill him. He tortured him until death. Later Carol escaped and Galen found her besides Captain Mar-Vell's body. Carol shot at him and he threw the bullet to a machine which exploded, the radiation fell on Carol and she touched it. Galen-kor threw her out of the ship.

Later Carol had found out her powers and she came back for revenge. But instead of attacking him, she surrendered. He gave her to the scientists. Later she escaped for the second time and now they started fighting, after a long fight Galen destroyed a window, and all the air flew outside. Carol flew out of the ship but left one bomb behind. The bomb exploded. But Galen-Kor survived and tried to stop Carol. But he was later killed by a laser of Carol. He fell death in the water. His ship fell later at his death body.




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