Gaia is a central character in Titanomachy. She was the first divinity in Greek Mythology and is the personification of the earth. She is known for being manipulative and she is known as Mother Earth. She is known for leaving her husband to marry her son, Ouranos.


The earth is a massive island floating in Chaos with the domes of Aether and Ouranos above her and the dome of Tartarus and island of Erebos below her. As the earth, Gaia's face rises out of the ground. As a humanoid, Gaia has long black hair laced with gemstones and her skin is fair. Over time, her hair became thinner and dirtier and her face became for sunken and bony.




  • The picture is Cate Blanchett as Hela from Norse Mythology and Marvel Comics (specifically from Thor: Ragnarok). I chose this because Gaia would have a similar appearance.


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