Fruit Ninja: The Movie is an upcoming computer-animated action comedy film based on the popular game, Fruit Ninja. The movie is being directed by Chris Buck. It is set to be released in theaters in May 15, 2020 in 3D and 2D.


Many years ago, the villainous skeletal spirit had destroyed many lives of warriors trying to stop him by throwing deathly bombs, their only hope now is the Fruit Ninja heroes, so our heroes has to do whatever it takes to defeat the wicked skeletal spirit, and save their home.


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


  • Before the animated movie was announced, the previous director had been fired for trying to make the movie into live-action, and most of the people were unhappy, and upset and complained that it was the worst idea ever. So thankfully the Tarzan director Chris Buck changed it, from live-action to computer-animated movie.
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