Frenchie is a Character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He appeared in Moon Knight and Moon Knight 2. He is portrayed by Clancy Brown.


Moon Knight

Frenchie befriended Marc Spector after he won a box match. Frenchie had a team with Raoul Bushman as leader. They discovered an Ancient Temple. Spector, Raoul Bushman and Dr. Peter Alraune. Frenchie and Peter's daughter Marlene Alraune stayed behind. They didn't returned and they were still waiting.

The next day only Marc came back. He told that Bushman turned mad and he killed Dr. Alraune. Marlene was very upset. Spector wanted to take revenge. He started to search for him.

Some weeks later, Spector returned with a new friend, Jack Russel A.K.A Werewolf by Night. He told about what happened. He met Russel and a woman called Sharon Carter. He said he founded Bushman and that he now will take his revenge. He left them again with Russel.

Two days later they returned. He said that he killed. They had a party. Also Jack and Sharon came to the party. The party was later interrupted by a living Raoul Bushman. He got Marlene. Sharon shot him in the leg. Spector attacked him and they went to another realm. When they returned Bushman was killed for real. Spector kissed Marlene, and Frenchie was very happy.

Moon Knight 2

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