Hotel Transylvania 4 is an upcoming movie to be released on December 22nd, 2021. Sony Pictures Animation announced this movie in February of 2019 and the cast have all been very excited about it. Because HT3 took place in the summer, HT4 will most likely take place in the winter, and skip fall because of the release date, so you can expect to have a Christmas movie. But, can we forget that we still need a wedding? One fan suggests that HT4 will be about the hotel going under new management, which is understandable, considering that in a press conference for HT2, the director did state that he actually was thinking of not doing another movie, one movie later, the chances of the series retiring are higher, especially after a trilogy. But, a pool vacation isn’t the proper way to end a beloved series.


Every movie so far has had a star write a song for it. The first with CeeLo Green. The second with 5th Harmony and HT3 with Joe Jonas. It is expected that a popular singer from 2020 or 2021 will come up with a catchy song to dance to.


We’re guessing that every original cast member will stay. After all, it wouldn’t be a Christmas movie without the whole family!

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