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      Fortnite the Movie is a movie starring Ryan Higa and Jim Carrey and Donald Glover. It was rated the Worst MOVIE EVER.


Bob and Jimothy are best friends living in New Jersey, They play for a esports team called Mystic Magic, in Denver for a tournament, Bob and Jimothy get transported to Fortnite, They meet their rivals Flossing Tigers who have the best player in the game: Ross Warren, the world champion from Vancouver, BC, Canada. And his teammate Fjord Halvorrsesnrffgjdren from Norway. They lose to the Flossing Tigers in the first round, but come through on a wild-card playing a North Korean Team named Kim-Jung-Un. They beat them and go to the quarters where they play a their school rivals Da Swag Mans and get to the Semi-Finals against Crappy Crumpets, a team from London, England featuring the No.2 Ranked Player, Jack Devon and go to the final and beat the Flossing Tigers so easily.In the mid-credits scene Ali-A Clickbait happens. In the post-credits scene Fortnite gets sued by PubG. Jimothy shouts " NOOOOO! "

Deleted Scenes


  • Ryan Higa as Bob
  • Donald Glover as Jimothy
  • Jim Carrey as Ross Warren
  • Sacha Baron Cohen as Fjord Halvorrsesnrffgjdren
  • Ali-A as Jack Devon
  • Chris Evans as Thomas's Dad
  • Some Random 5 Year Old as Thomas.



FORTNITE The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)