Flowey the Flower is an character and the central antagonist in the 2018 Walt Disney and Colin Entertainment, Ltd. animated film Toby Fox's Undertale.




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Flowey the Flower is the most chaotic that he like to taunt or making fun at people, but someday that he was a murder plant as he want to kill the main protagonist Frisk. Later from the film, he have an sadness feelings due to the tragic past.



Flowey have an particularly friendly to Frisk at the beginning when he tricked her to touch the pellets that he really like to kill her off until he was been stopped by Toriel. Later he return as Flowey is somehow tells or even taunt at Frisk that in the underground is "Kill or BE killed.", then he will return from when Frisk spared King Asgore as he violently kill the king as he use the six human souls to become god-like as he begin to violently attack at Frisk, after when Frisk beat him he become very scared as she spared his life as he ran away in tears. TBA.

Powers and Abilities


  • The role of Flowey was originally voiced by John DiMaggio or Tom Kenny, but they were been scrapped.
  • In his Photoshop form, the animation have been changed from hand-drawn to computer-animated.
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