Fish Kingdom is a 3D 2008 American computer-animated comedy-drama film, featuring fish as characters. This film will be made by Blue Sky Studios and distributed by 20th century fox studios and it was released in june 5 2008


in a underwater city called aquarium topia filled with amazing marine life when a clownfish named bob who lived in his house and his ocean heroes when bob notice that his wife katy a snowflake clownfish and was being captured by a evil great white shark named bomani in his evil ship factory and take many years on a amazing underwater adventure including tiny shrimps fearless barracudas playful dolphins giant whales colorful angelfish pesky seagulls hungry sharks and stinging jellyfish


bob a clownfish

robin a pinecone fish

jill a brown spike paradise fish

sally a siamese fighting fish

alex a flame hawkfish

lucas a mandarinfish

evelyn a fire goby

henry a convict cichild

steve a rainbow fish

andy a caribbean reef octopus

hank a humpback whale

ego a swordfish

sunny a bottlenose dolphin

katy a snowflake clownfish

bomani a great white shark

clayton a sand tiger shark

nick a blue shark

finn a french angelfish

billy a japanese spider crab

tony a giant pacific octopus

oscar a convict tang

earl a tarpon

gleen a black sea bass

jack a silky shark

lenny a goldtail damselfish

vince a cleaner wrasse

lucas a greenland shark

mikey a remora

t.j. a peacock mantis shrimp

geroge a false killer whale

buddy a blue footed booby

vick a whitespotted pufferfish

steve a sailfin tang

patrick a foxface rabbitfish

edward a trumpetfish

sid a basking shark

sandy a herring


#1 bob's flashback

#2 main titles

#3 diving deep

#4 bob's first day

#5 bob's nightmare

#6 the quest begins

#7 it's a long story

#8 bomani's lair

#9 having fun

#10 under the sea

#11 fintastic years

#12 bob in love

#13 learning about oceans

#14 swimming around

#15 family fun night

#16 bob's working test

#17 the early fish

#18 had a idea

#19 bomani's plan

#20 shark attack

#21 at the aquarium

#22 sneaking in

#23 shark chase

#24 katy is gone

#25 shark cove

#26 escaping from bomani

#27 final battle

#28 great party

#29 end credits


yellow submarine (when scrat was going scuba diving searching for the mermaid dives all the way down into the bottom of the ocean and finds the mermaid into the open waters and into the abyss)

califorina girls (bob takes the submarine train inside the shark tunnel)

darkside (when bob was angry to his friends because swimming around in the neighborhood at night)

what is love (bob enjoys Katy swimming around in coral park)

doncamtic (When bob goes to the aquarium without sneaking the door)

lay in a reef (When bob kisses Katy in the drop off in the end credits)


ICE AGE (2002)

scrat apears in fish kingdom with a crossover cameo in ice age

sid diego and manny were smaller plush toys in bob's dressing cover


horton picture frame in bob's living room

ROBOTS (2005)

robots poster in sally's bedroom


fish kingdom (2008) was based in six films like finding nemo (2003) shark tale (2004) help i'm a fish (2000) a bug's life (1998) the reef (2006) tarzan (1999)

in the post end credits they were backgrounds with mikey hidden in the screen including bob's bedroom a coral reef bomani's basement sunken pirate ship kelp forest tide pool a shoal of sardines sunken submarine coral reef exhibit aquarium gift shop touch pool exhibit cargo wreckage deep sea trench underwater highway and a undersea cave when the screen that shows up that goes down into the bottom of the ocean with the undersea highway that shows all the sea creatures going to school when the credits ended nick was trapped inside a lobster cage and got eaten by a blue whale and spits it out of his mouth and falls down into the abyss and breaks it out and got stuck on a big rock with his fins wiggling like a jellyfish when and sees a light from a anglerfish

there is a short film called pool pals and it was released in june 5 2008 when a floating whale and a floating dolphin in love by a evil floating shark that looks like bomani in fish kingdom

fish kingdom teaser trailer in december 10 2007 trailer in march 12 2008 official trailer in may 24 2008 and was dvd on november 14 2008 and a video game in june 1 2008


(the trailer begins that 20th century Fox studios and blue sky studios and the scene cuts that takes you underwater and sees lots of marine life in bob's undersea reef neighborhood)

BOB: (narrator) hello i'm bob i'm a clownfish i live in my house it's bigger as blue whales

SUNNY: dinner time bob

BOB: (narrator) i live with my parnets and this is my ocean heroes

ROBIN: it's robin in the house

NARRATOR: from the creators of ice age and horton hears a who

(When the scene cuts that bob explores a sunken pirate ship)

BOB: guys where are you guys

NARRATOR: deep into the briny blue sea

(the scene cuts that bomani lives in his basement)

BOMANI: i need to find those fishes and bring them to me

NARRATOR: that brings to a heroic fish

ROBIN: come on bob we got to find katy

(when the ocean heroes were sliding down in rocky reef)

NARRATOR: to find his wife

BOB: (screaming) swim!!!

ALEX: what the heck?

NARRATOR: and meeting amazing creatures of the sea

LUCAS: i can help you fellas

T.J.: pufferfish basketball check up

GEROGE: maybe not good as a swordfish

BOB: really man that shark is a idiot

BOMANI: (angry) grrrrrrr

SUNNY AND EGO: (screaming) aaaaaaahhhh!!!!

NARRATOR: 20th century fox studios

BOB: i really notice that fish had gills

BERNIE: oh yeah let's beat him

NARRATOR: blue sky studios presents

MR. OCTO: and watch out for sharks

(when the ocean heroes were being chased by a golbin shark in the deep sea trench)

ROBIN: swim for your lives!!!!

LUCAS: submarine alert!!!! submarine alert!!!!!

NARRATOR: title: fish kingdom

BOB: so i was thinking that a sperm whale was fighting a giant squid and it was a sea turtle laying eggs so a sailfish was really faster in the sea and a starfish sleeping in the bottom of the sea

ROBIN: really man you got to be kidding me

NARRATOR: coming in june 5 2008 this summer and sea it in theater


fish kingdom has McDonalds with set with Bob robin bomani geroge sid alex t.j. nick and sandy a water table playset bath squirting toys bigger plush toys smaller plush toys

fish kingdom has a books including art of fish kingdom fish kingdom ocean rescue comic book fish kingdom essential guide with stickers fish kingdom and gba game in june 2 2008 and a soundtrack album on june 3 2008

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