Firestorm: The Nuclear Man is an American computer-animated superhero film based on the DC Comics character Firestormn, produced by Warner Bros Pictures and Warner Group Animation, and distributed by Warner Bros Releasing. The film is written and directed Ron Howard. Logan Milller voices Firestorm/Ronnie Raymond starring alongside. It will be a part of DC Animated Universe of Justice League: War


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  • Logan Miller as Firestorm/Ronnie Raymond
  • Harrison Ford as Professor Martin Stein
  • Kristin Bauer as Killer Frost/Crystal Frost
  • Adam Hicks as Slipknot/Christopher Weiss
  • Jessica Parker Kennedy as Plastique/Bette Sans Souci
  • Tom Hardy as Weasel/John Monroe
  • Ewan McGregor as Silver Shade/Xaiver Purvis
  • Anna Kendrick as Hyena/Summer Day
  • Michael K. Williams as Black Bison/John Ravenhair
  • Alan Arkin as The Thinker/Cliff Carmichael
  • Anna Slik as Casey Krinsky
  • David Henrie as Mutiplex/Danton Black
  • Gina Torres as Byte/Blythe Bonner
  • Ethan Hawke as Deathstorm/Edward Raymond
  • Justin Prentice as Enforcer/Leroy Merkyn
  • Vinnie Jones as Zuggernaut
  • Toby Kebbell as Typhoon/David Drake
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