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Final Destination 6 is the 6th Final Destination movie. It will be another Final Destination reboot with new characters. The plot will be similar to other Final Destination movies.


Brian Hunt goes with his class in the train on a short trip. But, when they are on the platform waiting for the train to come, he gets a vision and sees the train crashing on another train. Everybody dies and both trains completely explode. He tells all his classmates to not go on the train. The half of them believe him and didn't went on the train. Brian was right, his vision happens. He and all his classmates are glad they didn't went on the train, but they should have been death and the death follows them. In the same order as he saw his classmates in the vision, they die. The only thing Brian and his classmates can do is survive and escape from the death.


It starts at a normal class somewhere in the USA. Their teacher Mr. Wilson is telling them something. At the end of the lesson, the teacher says: "Before you all go I want to say that you all tomorrow should come at the train station. We go on a short trip!" The complete class is glad. Some of them scream: "Where do we go to in the train?" The teacher says: "You will see it tomorrow." Afterwards, they all walk out of the class room. One of the students in the class is Brian Hunt. He walks with his best friends, Luke West and Tyler Young, out of the school. They go in the school bus. In the school bus, Brian is the whole time looking at Kimberly Lopez. He has a crush on her.

The next day, Brian goes with Luke and Tyler to the train station. When they are there, they see Robert Watson, Max Sawyer, Dean Ramirez and lots of other people. Their teacher also comes. Brian goes sit on a bench. The train is delayed. Luke is fighting with Max and Tyler helps him. Brian fells in sleep (not seen in the movie) and gets a vision.

In his vision, the train comes. The whole class goes inside of it. When they are in it, Brian wants to go sit somewhere, but he is pushed away by Dylan Miller. He goes sit on that place. He watches of there are other free places. Molly Hobbs and Anouk Cox steal the last two places. He goes standing. Jeffrey Ward and Beatrice Mason are also standing. Suddenly, he sees Max. He stands up and want to sit on the places of Luke and Tyler. They go fighting again with each other. Their teacher wants them to stop. Brian walks further and sees Dean sitting. He suddenly stands up and goes sitting next to Robert and Eva. Brian walks again further and hears someone saying: "Brian, here is a free place." It's Kimberly who says it. He goes sit on that place. They start talking with each other. Some minutes later, they want to kiss each other, but it is followed by a huge explosion. The train goes off the rails and crashes into another one. Both trains completely explode. Brian wants to jump out of the window, but it is all too late and they all die.

Brian suddenly wakes up, sees that the train is there and screams loudly: "Everybody, don't go on that train!!! It will crash!" Some children are laughing. But Mr. Wilson not. Brian says that he had a vision. His teacher and best friends immediatly believe him. Dean, Robert and Eva don't care. It will cause less time for the short trip. All other children go into the train. Brian tries to stop them. Mr. Wilson, Luke, Tyler, Robert, Dean and Eva help him. Brian stops Kimberly. All others stop Max, Beatrice, Anouk, Molly, Dylan and Jeffrey. Suddenly, the train doors close. They can't do anything anymore. The train drives away. Some kilometers away of them, it crashes. All survivors are Brian very grateful.

The next days, the whole class is mourning of the loss of the most of their class. The school is closed for some weeks. On that time, Brian is became very popular. All womens love him and everybody wants to be his friend. Before everything happened, it wasn't. But all survivors also find out that not everything is like it was before.

Some days later, Dylan goes on his bike. He cycles through the city. He reaches a junction. He waits before the traffic light. When the light is green, he cycles further, but out of nowhere a car drives through the red light and totally hits Dylan. He falls off his bike and is very injured. The woman in the car is very shocked and calls 911. But Dylan dies at the hospital. His whole class is later at the hospital. They are shocked again. Briand finds it all too coincidence. He wants to find out what is happening. Luke and Tyler go with him. Kimberly also wants to come with them. All others stay behind and also go back home later.

At Brian's house, Brian thinks about his vision. He remembers it still very good. Suddenly, he finds out that Dylan was the first who appeared in his vision. But that feels impossible and he doesn't takes any actions. Luke and Tyler go back home later.

The next day, Brian goes with Tyler and Luke to the beach. It's beautiful weather outside. When they are there, they see Max. Max is glad to see them and wants to fight for fun with them once again. When they walk on the beach, they also see Robert, Dean and Jeffrey. They talk a bit about Dylan's death and they all think he was just a stupid bastard and drived through the red light at the traffic light. But it's suddenly interrupted. They see Kimberly, Eva and Beatrice. Brian still has a crush on Kimberly. He walks to her and they say hello to each other. Max, Luke and Tyler are all very jealous. Robert, Dean and Jeffrey go more for Eva and Beatrice. Brian goes swim with Kimberly, Man, Luke and Tyler jealously follow him. Later, Robert, Dean, Jeffrey, Eva and Beatrice also go in the water. Meanwhile, Molly and Anouk are also at the other side of the beach. Molly goes immediatly in the water. She wants that Anouk follows her, but she doesn't. Molly sees some hot boys near of her. She wants to impress them and goes very far inside the water. Later, she doesn't sees the hot boys anymore. She is suddenly grabbed by something in the water. It's a shark. Molly screams hardly, Anouk hears it and goes immediatly to the lifeguard. They go in a boat search for Molly. But she is gone. When the lifeguard wants to give it up, Anouk watches and sees Molly. They go to it. They see the death body of Molly. Anouk screams very hard and falls out of the boat. The lifeguard is shocked and want to get her inside the boat again, but it falls. Anouk is also grabbed by a shark and pulled under the water. The lifeguard jumps inside the water. He doesn't sees anything. He searches for Anouk. Some minutes later, he finds her death body. The other survivors are still in the water, but later the police arrives and says that everybody has to go out of the water. Brian, Luke, Tyler, Max, Kimberly, Robert, Dean, Eva and Beatrice all find it very weird and go back home.

At their home, they all hear that Molly and Anouk are killed by sharks. Brian is now tired of it. He remembers that Molly and Anouk appeared after Dylan in his vision. It's too coincidence and Brian searches on Internet. He reads about a story of a class that had exactly the same story as them. But for them it was with a plane crash. He searches further and also finds exactly the same stories, but with a car accident and an accident at a fun fair. Brian is very shocked and wants to tell all his classmates about it.

He calls them all. Tyler and Luke immediatly come. Brian tells them about what is happening. They are both very shocked. Later, Kimberly, Robert, Eva and Dean also come. Max also comes later, but he laughs about the fact that Brian believes in this kind of fake horror stories. He wants to go away, because he thinks it's too stupid. Beatrice and Jeffrey doesn't react. Max later goes away. The others make plans. Brian tells them everything. Robert asks: "So who appeared after Molly and Anouk in your vision?" Brian thinks about it and knows it's Jeffrey. They all go immediatly to him.

He is working at the supermarket right now. It's dark outside and he is working the last hour. Brian, Luke, Tyler, Kimberly, Robert, Eva and Dean all come inside the supermarket. They all go to Jeffrey. Brian says: "Jeffrey! Get out of here, you are in great danger!" Jeffrey is suprised and say: "What the hell are you doing all here?" Luke says: "We want to save you dude." "Save me? I am safe here!" Jeffrey answers. At that moment, the boss of the supermarket comes to them and asks Jeffrey: "Are these children harrasing you? " Jeffrey answers: "Yes they do" Brian and his friends are smashes out of the supermarket. They all want to protect Jeffrey, but he doesn't listen. Luke and Tyler go back home. They don't believe Brian totally. Robert, Eva and Dean also go away. Brian goes back home. Kimberly wants to be with him.

One hour later, Jeffrey is free. His boss says to him that he is free and can go back home. In the back at the shop, it's totally dark and Jeffrey puts of his working clothes. There is a rack with supply of food. A very hard wind comes inside of the shop. When Jeffrey walks away, the rack falls hardly on Jeffrey. The boss of the shop goes back home. He doesn't thinks about that Jeffrey not comes back. He totally closes the shop and goes back home.

That night, Kimberly goes sleep with Brian. They talk a bit with each other. Kimberly says that she feels very safe because he is with her. Later, they are kissing. Brian takes of Kimberly's clothes. They go in bed and have sex with each other.

The next day when Brian and Kimberly wake up, Brian sees he has a message of Robert. He says that Jeffrey is found death in the supermarket. Brian and Kimberly are very shocked. Now, everybody believes Brian. This can't be coincidence anymore.

All children come together. Even Beatrice comes. They hope that with staying together they won't die. Brian tries to find out who was the next one in his vision. He remembers that he saw Jeffrey with someone else. Luke and Tyler help him with it. The group wants to stay all time with each other. Some time later it is night. Brian doesn't knows anymore who appeared after Jeffrey in his vision. All children are very scared. They all have a chance it is them. That evening, Brian is again kissing with Kimberly. Luke, Tyler and Max are very jealous. They all totally forget that there can everytime somebody die of them. Max is too jealous and wants to fight with Brian. He attacks them. Luke and Tyler help Brian. All others also join the fight and help Brian. Max smashes Brian hardly away. He is pushed agains the wall. This makes a lamp that hangs on the ceiling fall on the ground on the crowd of children. Brian totally sees it happening. They look who is hitten. It is Beatrice. The lamp is not totally broken. Beatrice is injured. They all want to help her and put the lamp off her, but lots of electrics comes of it. Beatrice is totally electrocuted and dies. All others are very shocked.

The following days, the childrens only want to survive. Brian tries to find out who is the next one that will die. Max, Tyler and Luke have another fight again. It makes Max leaving the group. Dean is very bored. Robert and Eva are a lot with each other. Brian kisses a lot with Kimberly. They totally fell in love with each other. While kissing, Brian suddenly remembers that Max was the next one that appeared in his vision. He wanted to start a figh with Tyler and Luke. Tyler says: "Wait, do I come after Max?" Luke answers on that: "I don't care. They all want us to die. If it happens today or tomorrow or in a few days it doesn't matter. We can't escape from this!" Later they decide to search for Max in the hope that they will find him. He is gone and totally ignores the group. Brian, Kimberly, Luke, Tyler, Robert, Eva and Dean search for Max, but they can't find him. They go to his home, but he isn't there. Suddenly, Brian sees that Max's motor is gone. Brian says: "He is probably driving on his motor." The group walks through the city to a place that Max often visits. While walking to it, Brian walks with Kimberly next to him. After them, Robert, Eva and Dean walk. Luke and Tyler are after them. Out of nowhere, Max comes on his motor along them. He sees Brian and others. He laughable says: "What are you idiots doing here?" Brian is angry and comes at him. He says: "Max, you have to go to a safer place!" It only makes Max laughing more. Brian screams again something to him, but he ignores it and drives further. Out of nowhere, a truck comes and Max crashes in it. A huge explosion happens. His motor totally explodes and Max dies in this explosion. The bus drives further to the group. Brian sees it all happening. He fastly safes Kimberly. He don't know about the others. Later he sees that the truck has hit Tyler. He lies death on the ground. Luke becomes very angry and says: "You idiot Max, this is all because of you!" The driver of the truck fastly goes out of it. Dean runs fastly away. Robert gets Eva and they also run fastly away. Luke doesn't knows why they all run away, but suddenly the first truck totally explodes. Luke dies in this explosion.

They all run as fast as they can away. The police immediatly comes and gets the bodies. Brian, Kimberly, Robert, Eva and Dean want to stay at each other. Brian says: "It's a virus. We need to get away of this city. That will probably all our only chance to survive." It starts to get night and they walk on an abandoned road. They see a small hut. It's abandoned. They decide to stay there the night. Brian protects Kimberly and doesn't cares about the others. Robert and Eva don't like it very much. Dean goes to Brian and asks to him: "Who was the next one?" Brian says: "I don't remember it anymore." Dean answers: "I really hope for you, it won't be me because otherwise you will get what you want." Brian says: "I am not the one who is responsible for this." Dean answers: "So who is it? I am sure it is you because you got the vision. You are probably also the only one that will survive!" Dean becomes even more angry and attacks Brian. Kimberly and Eva just watch to it. Robert goes to them and says: "Guys, stop with it! I think I know why all of us get killed. We should have died when the train crashed and because of your vision Brian, it didn't happened. So they want us to die because of that." Dean angrily says: "That still not explains why Brian got a vision. He is just killing all of us." Dean again attacks Brian and kicks him on the ground. It makes Kimberly attack Dean, but he is stronger than her and also pushes her away. Eva walks to Robert and says to him: "We shouldn't get involved in this." Robert answers: "Yes, this fight will probably end with someone killed." Eva answers: "I don't want that it is you." Brian gets up and is also very angry now. He says: "You did this to Kimberly? You idiot, you will be punished for this!" Brian attacks Dean. They fight in the hut. Kimberly wants to get away. Robert and Eva don't do anything. Brian and Dean fight further and go to the other side of the hut. There are lots of tools. Brian grabs Dean and smashes him against it. He gets some nails in him. It makes Dean even more angry. He grabs some of the tools and throws them to Brian. Brian gets away and closes the door. Dean is locked now. Kimberly walks to him and asks of he is all right. Dean wants to get up and pulls the nails out of him. He touches a plank with tools. All tools fall of it. There is also a bomb lying on the plank. It falls on the ground and starts himself. Dean wants to break through the wall and says: "Please let me out of here." Brian is still angry on him and doesn't do anything. Suddenly, the bomb explodes. Next to the bomb was lying a kit with lots of nails and all nails fly out of it. Lots of them come in Dean. An almost dying Dean falls on the ground. Brian and Kimberly hear it, but in the first place they don't do anything. Robert and Eva shockedly open the door and see Dean. He died because of his injuries. They both scream and Brian and Kimberly also come. Brian feels sad now that he left Dean in the hut. Kimberly and Eva are both very scared and run out of the hut. They don't trust it anymore. Brian and Robert go after them.


  • Unknown actor as Brian Hunt
  • Unknown actress a Kimberly Lopez
  • Unknown actor as Luke West
  • Unknown actor as Robert Watson
  • Unknown actress as Eva Anderson
  • Unknown actor as Tyler Young
  • Unknown actor as Max Sawyer
  • Unknown actress as Beatrice Mason
  • Unknown actor as Dean Ramirez
  • Unknown actress as Anouk Cox
  • Unknown actress as Molly Hobbs
  • Unknown actor as Dylan Miller
  • Unknown actor as Jeffrey Ward
  • Unknown actor as Jake Wilson
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