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Fight For Paradise City: The Movie is a 2019 Action-Adventure Rainforest Rescue Nickelodeon Movie Animated Object Show to be released in June 26, 2019.


The Contestants are told by Leah the Lion are falling to the big deep hole and they will have a plan to get back to the beach from the Deadliest Panthers.


The Contestants are going to the field trip when they are very excited. Stopwatch can count the Contestants as they get on the bus and going to the Rainforest land. When they arrived in the land, Stopwatch told them not to go to the Panther Cave because it has a lot of Carnivore Panthers.

A little Lion named Leah by herself as she ask Stopwatch where we went to the land. Leah followed them to the Rainforest when she sees Panthers are sleeping she told them not to wake them up. Stopwatch told the Contestants that they are making berries cereal for Leah's Friends.

Cranberry Juice and Candy Corn are looking for Forest Berries in the Bush and they got it. They collecting some Berries and taking back to Stopwatch. Bushy and Cassette Tape found some Snow Berries in the Snow Woods when they are collecting the berries and back to the host.

Tazer and Toxic Waste looking in the Tree as they found Goji Berries while Paint and Pie found Goose Berries in the Oak Tree. Popcorn Tub and Candle are trying looking for Acai Berries until they found in the Birch Tree. When the Contestants are collecting berries, Leah the Lion was very hungry as she was looking for food like berries. When Leah was eating some little bit of berries, she's see the Cave so she will not to go in.


Leah the Lion (Hero)

The Carnivore Panthers (Villains)




Candy Corn

Cassette Tape

Cranberry Juice

Danger Sign

Disco Screen



Green Flag




Popcorn Tub




Toxic Waste


Krewella - Come And Get It (Field Trip Time Scene)

Dancing Queen - ABBA (A Scene from Mamma Mia!)

Havana - Kidz Bop 37 (Leah's Plan Scene)

THE PHOENIX - Fall Out Boy (Fight Scene)

Mi Gente - J. Balvin and Willy William with Beyoncé (Dancing and End Scene)


  • Leah is a Best Furry Friends Lion.
  • The Panthers are the main Villains in the Movie.


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