Faline and Zoey is Upcoming american 2019 Animated Christmas from Walt Disney pictures and Goodtimes Entertainment

Will Be Directed by Tim Burton and Jon Favreau



  • Darby Camp as Young Faline
  • Ruby Barnhill as Zoey
  • John Goodman as Santa Claus
  • Alfre Woodard as Zoey's Mom
  • Owen Vaccaro as Young Bambi
  • Wyatt McClure as Young Ronno
  • Jaxon Mercey as Rudolph
  • Emma Watson as Mrs. Donner
  • Laraine Newman as Clairce's Mother
  • TBA as Sonny, a marbled polecat and Ronno's minions
  • TBA as Sam, a indian boar and Ronno's minions
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