"Everyone Dies Because Someone Cloned Nyami" is a 2020 comedy MA 15 film by Toei. The premiere date is 19 April 2020. It is a crossover consisting of the VOCALOID character voices and the Pop'n Music series by KONAMI. The plot is Hatsune Miku's sister called Turdy Hatsune (fanon), fed up with her name, decided to clone Nyami. She put on a turd costume and kidnapped Nyami while she was preforming at a concert with Mimi. Then Turdy sent Nyami to a cloning station, and cloned a crazed murderer version of Nyami. Then the clone stole a kitchen knife and killed Turdy. Nyami was not impressed and went back to the arena, where Hatsune Miku was preforming. The clone killed all the Cryptonloids and went to a restaurant where a bunch of VOCALOIDS and Pop'n characters were there. Then she slays GUMI(VOCALOID), then Nia and Toa (Pop'n), KANOKO(also pop'n), and the rest of them! Then she meets MZD which she kills, then all the other Pop'n characters went to the same restaurant where the clone killed them all exept Mimi (Pop'n), Timer (Pop'n) and Kaai Yuki. (Vocaloid) Then the leftover cast (no clone) went to a ramen restaurant and chatted about how dumb Turdy was.

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