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Emotional dinosaur: Metal future, will be the final sequal to the emotional dinosaur series, in it the dinosaurs travel in time and end up in the future forever by accidently breaking off the lever.


It starts with eddy reading a newspaper, when linus jumps out and laughs demonicly, eddy then shouts WHAT THE HELL?!? Then he walks away. linus follows him and drops a piece of paper on him, eddy kicks him in the leg and reads the note linus gave him, It reads "Dear reader, did you ever want to travel in time to the past or future? then use your 4000$ AND WE WILL GIVE YOU THE WAYBACK MACHINE! must be 18 years or older to order." Linus then is seen with a bandage on his leg and then tells everyone to donate their 1000 dollars to him for a wayback machine. but then everybody shakes the stage and eddy falls off. but then has the perfect plan, he can steal it without being caught. then aaron tells him that it isn't a good idea and the FBI could search for him. then victor comes up and tells aaron if we can see what the future could look like. they all go to the factory and break the cameras. then knock out one of the security guards. so they stole the wayback machine and then gathered all the others. they all go to the future but then it was a unfinished version of the machine so the lever breaks off and then they get stuck in the machine, they all scream but then they are teleported to the future where everything is metal plastic. the machine then breaks and they are stuck in the future. they find their stage was blown up and demolished. and replaced with a house. and all the recovery centers were destroyed, eddy dies of shock, 3 other people do too, which are aaron, dennis, and victor. bruce then tries to knock it down but then breaks his arm and due to the pain, he died. jenny is seen smelling metal flowers, a silver tarantula walks up and bites her in the eyebrows, killing her due to the amount of poison, then other people are seen being killed, then linus is somehow teleported back to the future, and zooms out only to turn into pitch black, then linus could be seen sitting on a red chair laughing "you been lied by linus". then a rabbit demon could be seen on the side of the chair. the movie ends with the credits scrolling.

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