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Emotional dinosaur: A Very (UN)Jolly Christmas will be a comedy movie that is an extra sequal to the emotional dinosaur series, in it they only get one present and they blame it on eddy, then eddy tries to find all the presents.


It starts with cheif tops on a rocking chair and dennis in his bed watching dinosaur lost in corn. then they check the tree next morning and there is only 1 present, it says "Burger king" And cheif tops opens it, there were sandwhich crumbs. he then points at eddy angrily and then vector comes along and asks whats going on, cheif tops says to gather everyone and point at eddy for no reason. eddy then says "WHAT DID I DO WRONG THIS TIME MORONS?!", Then cheif tops says "YOU STOLE ALL THE PRESENTS AND REPLACED THE ONLY PRESENT WITH BREAD CRUMBS!", Eddy then walks out the door and slams it. he then see's a note saying "BABABABABA" And eddy says "who the hell leaves paper in the middle of a blizzard?" Then he rips it into pieces. then he see's a frozen present in the ice. then he opens it and another note was seen, it says "BABABABABABA" Eddy was getting pissed and then threw it on the ground dramaticly and stomps on it, thus messing it up. then he sees another present, then opens it, and the same note, he gets extremely angered (Refrence to the 1st movie) And shoves it in the snow and smashes his face into it. then comes back with icicles on his eyes, then he shouts "I CAN ONLY  FIND THESE BOXES!" Then he throws it at cheif tops, really fucking hard. then lars is seen drinking something, with a bath of cocaine. he then shoves his face into it, then grabs the bathtub and throws it on the ground, leading all the cocaine out of the tub. then it spills on everyone, making them have a seizure, it ends with the demon rabbid shouting "BABABABABA!" Which in captions translates to: Merry christmas morons! then it ends.

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