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Emotional dinosaur is a series that features a depressed stegasaurus with anger issues and emotional issues. he is one of the most rudest characters on the movie.


It starts with a stegasaurus dancing on a house roof and singing to K-POP Infront of a live audience. the music would keep failing and then he would get extremely angry and tempured. then he keeps falling off the roof and then other audience members would help stegasaurus. they would all fail and stegesaurus would get extremely tempured. Then a dinosaur named aaron would help stegasaurus but when he got on the roof, he didn't even get a chance to dance. stegesaurus starts to get extremely angered again. then he goes back to his home, a dog house. then 5 years later he comes back and tells them that he is a better stegasaurus. then, when he got on the stage, the music stopped right before he got the chance to dance. he gets so angry he leaves. then they complain because their not making enough money. stegasaurus comes back and tries one more time, once again fails. his friends were worried how his depression is going too far and he might soon commit suicide. so they help him dance with another audience member (Later the manager dennis) Danced on the stage and made 10,000,000 dollars. they gave all of it to stegasaurus. the movie ends with all 4 of them taking a selfie. then for a split second a korean message pops up and transelates to: let's just say that stegasaurus was just in a coma and never had the chance to play in the first place.


Stegasaurus's voice is played by elizebeth mills.

Aaron's voice is played by Isaac wysocki.

Jenny's voice is played by Elizebeth mills. (Later isaac wysocki.)

Dennis's voice is played by isaac wysocki.

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