Ellie Rose Is The Main Character From The Live Action Dreamworks Movie Ellie's World She Is Voiced By Lily Bartlam


She is A 6 year old Girl With her imagination she has Brown Hair and freckles and wears a yellow shirt and has purple Trousers and she is the owners of her toys Poppy, Coco, Cactus and Pony.


She Goes Into Her imagination To Find Tina From Queen Shadowicker with the help of her friends after when queen Unia Dies she goes into the field of hay and meets Corn, Corn Gives Her The hay string And They Go into the crystal cave and meet batty, batty gives her the crystal and they meet Humphrey and his mother Then They hicth a ride on the Purpleraffe But they lose the crystal and the hay string, Pony soons then leave after the argument and they make it to queen Shadowicker after the battle pony comes and pounds queen Shadowicker into the hell abyss and they free Tina And Ellie goes back were she was sleeping


Oh no....


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