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EL Tigre: The Legend of Manny Rivera is an 2020 Live Action Movie based on the 2007 Nickelodeon TV Series, El Tigre the Adventures of Manny Rivera Produced by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies and this film will be rated PG. It will be Released on September 17, 2020.


El Tigre, Frida, The Golden Twins and Zoe will have a Ultimate Battle along with Carlito and Carlie Mcgill to save Miracle City from Serione Slayer and his crew members, El Mar Verde, El Oso, Senor Siniestro and and Guacamole Monster.


The Movie takes Place in Miracle City 10 years later after the death of Rodolfo Rivera, Manny's Father. Manny is still getting used without a father and still struggling of which side he goes to, even his Cheetah Cub companion named Carlito. One day after going through his Father's old stuff when he come to a picture of his Father and an old Teacher of his name Serione Slayer who teaches his Father to become a Superhero at the Acadcamy of Extraordinary Heroes. Carlito thinks that Extraordinary Heroes have very extraordinary powers when he was just a little Cub.

So Manny decided to go to his Father's old Superhero School to find anwsers about his Father along with Carlito. The, he sees a Girl named Frida Suarez with her Fennec Fox Companion Carlie Mcgill who was going to another Place. On the way, he was there he meets Serione Slayer who asked him about his Father and the origins of him coming here. After that, Manny and Carlito are decided to stay here to become a better Superhero and a Super Animal. After his first week there, Manny and Carlito notice something odd about Serione Slayer, he saw that a Teacher is part of a Supervillian group called the Destrucation Syndicate along with El Mar Verde, El Oso, Senor Siniestro and and Guacamole Monster to destory Miracle City and rebuild it in an evil Image. Suddenly Manny and Frida was trapped in the School and Serione Slayer joins with the other members of the Destrucation Syndicate to destroy Miracle City forever.

But Carlito and Carlie Mcgill will never give up until then, they will save their friends in School. This is El Tigre and El Cheetra's ultimate battle to save everyone.



Daryl Sabara as Manny Rivera/ El Tigre

Demi Lovato as Frida Suarez/La Tigresa

Cree Summer as Zoe Aves/Black Cuervo

Candi Milo as Carla

Max Morrow as Carlito

Eric Bauza as Rodolfo Rivera/White Pantera

Robert De Niro as Grandpapi/Puma Loco

Salma Hayek as Maria Rivera/Plata Peligrosa


Liam Neeson as Senior Slayer

Danny Trejo as El Oso

Steve Austin as El Mar Verde

Antonio Banderas as Senor Siniestro

Andy Serkis as Guacamole Monster

Voice Cast

Bill Hader as Carlito Rivera/El Cheetra - A Cheetah Cub who is Manny Rivera's pet.

George Lopez as Adult Carlito Rivera

Amandla Stenberg as Carlie Mcgill Suarez/La Fenessa Fox A Short-Tailed Fennec Fox who is Frida Suarez's pet.

Jenni Pulos as Adult Carlie Mcgill Suarez

Dee Bradley Baker as Senor Chapi - A Green Parrot who is part of the Rivera Family.

Trey Parker as Little Mule - A Gray Rideable Donkey.

Frank Welter as Kuro Scratch - A Orangeish-Brown Kitten who is Puma Loco's pet and friends with Manny, Frida, Carlito and Carlie Mcgill.

Anna Faris as Lilac - A Security Animatronic Flying Skunk who is also befriends with Carlito and Carlie McGill.


Breakfast Burrito - Shades of Everfree

Rockabye - Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie

Bambu - Miguel Bose

Worth It - Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink


Robert Rodriguez - Director


Manny Rivera/El Tigre: Carlito Cheetah, don't took my Belt.,

Frida Suarez/La Tigressa:

Zoe Aves/Black Cuervo: Hello Manny, Hello Frida.,

Carlito Rivera/El Cheetra Cub: Since your father died, I hope you could try your best., Oh dear, I think that Teacher is a Villain., Hey Golden Twins, I'm Carlito the Cheetah Cub.

Carlie Mcgill Suarez/ La Fenessa Fox: Hey Cheetah Buddy, what's up?,


  • Carlito and Carlie Mcgill are the Main Guest Star Characters from the 2018 Nickelodeon Show, Mighty Bug 5: Animal Patrol.
  • Carlito and Carlie Mcgill who are now a fully grown Cheetah and Fennec Fox.
  • Zoe Aves, Carla and Carlito the Golden Eagle Twins was the Main Villain in the Series to become a Main Heroes in the Movie.


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