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El Tigre: The Power of Happy Hearts Day is an American 2020 Animated Action Valentine's Day Netflix Movie based of the 2007 Nickelodeon Animated TV Series, El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera. It will be released the Teaser in March 5, 2020 and released the Tralier in March 10, 2020. The film was released on Netflix on March 23, 2020.


La Animal Huntressa, Kuro Sctrach, Lilac, Sinco Jr. and Ritchy are the Brand New Characters of the TV Movie.


It's a Happy Hearts Day Celebration in Miracle City and Manny and Frida gets trapped in a Zoo Cage by a New Female SuperVillain named La Animal Huntressa who lives in her Wild Zoo Lair. It's up to Carlito, Carlie Mcgill and the Other Animals to save the Kids before it's about to get late for the Happy Hearts Day Party soon.


In Miracle City, a 13-year-old Boy named Manny Rivera with his pet Anthropomorphic (Cricket) Cheetah Cub Carltio Rivera are walking until a 12-year-old Girl named Frida Suarez with her pet Anthropomorphic (Cockroach) Fennec Fox (who is wearing a pair of red Goggles and a Belt Buckle like El Tigre, but with admiring the "F" in the center) named Carlie Mcgill greets them when they become best friends. Later Night at Frida's House, Carlie Mcgill is dying her hair bright blue when Frida notice that she was looking in the mirror.

Carlito jump into the window and tells Frida how Carlie Mcgill is doing. She tells him later because she's is ready tomorrow while he was leaving from her house and wave goodbye to her. The next day, Manny and Carlito was walking and Frida and Carlie Mcgill was coming to see them. Carlito was greeting Carlie Mcgill when he ask her about her Cosplay Outfit and Carlie Mcgill corrected him that her cosplay Outfit is La Tigresa. Carlito compliments her Cosplay Outfit and Carlie Mcgill said thanks to him. Suddenly there was a big explosion, Manny spins his belt and transforms into El Tigre. And Frida got her own Belt when she wear it, spin it and transforms into La Tigresa. Carlito and Carlie Mcgill thinks they're cool Kids and they join with them to their Mission.

Carlito and Carlie Mcgill sees a Little Red-Nosed Skunk who is charging herself and they notice that a Skunk is a Animatronic Robot. They give her a gentle petting, but the little Robot Skunk was awake as they gasped. She tells them when she goes to sleep while charging her battery and they sorry to her. The Robot Skunk tells them going to be fine and Carlie Mcgill ask her a name. The Robot Skunk's name is Lilac and Carlito thinks her name is also the name of the color.


Alanna Ubach as Manny Rivera/El Tigre

Grey DeLisie as Frida Suarez/La Tigresa

Eric Bauza as Rodolfo Rivera/White Pantera

Carlos Alazraqui as Grandpapi/Puma Loco

April Stewart as Maria Rivera/Plata Peligrosa

Candi Milo as Zoe Aves/Black Cuervo

Jessica DiCicco as Davi Roccoco/Albino Burrito

Susan Silo as Sartana of the Dead and La Animal Huntressa

Danny Cooksey as Django of the Dead

John DiMaggio as El Oso

Other Characters

Carlos Alazraqui as Vice Principal Chakal, Lady Gobbler, Tiny and Bandito (2)

Will Forte as Guero

Erica Luttrell as Comsic Cleopatra

Javier Grajeda as Esteban

Richard Steven Horvitz as Dr. Chipolte Sr. and Diego/Dr. Chipolte Jr.

Rene Mujica as Titanium Titan

Danny Trejo as El Mal Verde

Daran Norris as Emilinao Suarez

Candi Milo as Mrs. Chichita, Poindexter and Carla & Carlito the Golden Eagle Twins

Grey DeLisie as Carmela Suarez, Che, Voltura and Anita

April Stewart as Nikita

Phil LaMarr as Raheem

Eric Bauza as Bandido (1) and Dr. Eugene L. Butterman

Jon Polito as Don Baffi and Big Man

Jeff Bennett as Kunckles and Senor Siniestro/Sergio

John DiMaggio as General Chapuza

Voice Cast

Bill Hader as Carlito Rivera - A (Cricket) Cheetah Cub who is Manny Rivera's Pet and Sidekick.

Amandla Stenberg as Carlie Mcgill Suarez - A Short-Tailed (Cockroach) Fennec Fox who is Frida Suarez's Pet and Sidekick. She is Carlito's Best Friend Pal.

Steve Coogan as Kuro Scratch - A Orangeish-Brown Kitten who is Puma Loco's Pet. He is friends with Manny and Frida and helps with Carlito and Carlie Mcgill to battle La Animal Huntressa.

Dee Bradley Baker as Little Mule, Zebra Donkey and Senor Chapi

Kristen Stewart as Lilac - A Security Animatronic Flying Skunk who is Friends with Carlito and Carlie Mcgill.

Tom Hanks as Ritchy - A Bright Gray Opossum who is Davi Roccoco's Sidekick and also Friends with Carlito and Carlie Mcgill.

Max Morrow as Sinco Jr. - A Siberian Weasel who is Gureo's pet and Friends with Carlito and Carlie Mcgill.

The J. Geils Band as Carlito, Carlie Mcgill, Kuro Scratch, Lilac and Ritchy (Singing Voices)


Love Stinks: Peformed by The J. Geils Band

You Are the Light: Peformed by Grey DeLisie

Spooky Scary Skeletons: Peformed by Andrew Gold

She's Gone: Peformed by Hall and Oates (End Credits)


  • Carlito and Carlie Mcgill are originated from the 2018 Nickelodeon Animated TV Series, Mighty Bug 5: Animal Patrol.
  • Carlito and Carlie Mcgill are the only Mighty Bug 5: Animal Patrol Characters in Jorge R. Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua Styles.
  • This is the First Netflix Nickelodeon Movie to have Songs.
  • The Kids Cheering is replaced with a Monkey High Fiving Someone.



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