Dracula: Rise of Dark its the first installment of the Dark Universe.

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It is based on the Count Dracula and the vampires.


In Iasi (Romania), a woman walks throught the lonely street during night. Then she looks to a mirror in a street but the image disappears and then, an horde of bats fly over the woman and kill her. The bats materialize into a vampire who vanishes away. Meanwhile, a group of teenagers in the same city are having a party. A girl goes with her boyfriend inside to the house, but then, a dark thunder destroys the house and both teenagers are killed by a lot of flying knives sent by a vampire. Then the title of the movie appears.

Afterwards, the movie changes to the house of a private detective named Mark Johnston, who is along his friend Luis. Mark remembers how her wife was murdered while traveling to Romania and gets depressed, but he receives a phone call from the D.A.C. (Dark Anomalies Containment). When he gets into the base, he is attended by the leader, Josh Hackman and his personal assistant, Henry Jekyll. Mark meets his teammate: Maria Lebetov. Jekyll says that the strongest presence of "dark anomalies" in the region of Transylvania, Europe. In the plane, both Mark and Maria meet. Maria tells Mark her backstory: Her father died murdered by a mysterious man, and she gained a strange ability after looking to the man´s eyes.

Maria revives that moment and starts to cry but Mark consolates her. When they arrive to Romania, they investigate the dead of a man who got two clawmarks in the neck as an evidence. Suddenly, Maria has a terrible vision where the city collapses into fire and the "Vampire Leader" chases her, but Mark awakes her. He receives a desperate help call from a mysterious person who claims to work in the D.A.C. They arrive to a bar (where the call came from) and the supposed teammate was revealed to be Gabriel Van Helsing, a paranoic man who hacked D.A.C. secret net to call them. Van Helsing reveals he has the same powers as Maria (named "Darkseek") and both are connected. Van Helsing tells that the responsible from the chaos is Dracula, a chained dark god living in a castle in Transylvania´s forest.

Van Helsing says the vampires were contained in the forest as uncorporeus ghosts until a Dracula follower brought them back....


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