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Donkey Kong Country, Tom and Jerry, Oggy and The Cockroaches, Zig and Sharko, Popeye, Pat and Stan, & Open Season: The Count of Monte Cristo is a 2020 American/Canadian/Japanese/Chinese Animated Crossover Fantasy Musical Romance Religious Christian Comedy Horror Film.


The Film Begins, Donkey Kong and his Friends Super-Dee-Duper Amazing Adventure in Africa Savannah. Donkey Kong and his Friends we Fun of Savannah. But Evil Villain Thanos, Kylo Ren, Ridley has killed the Japan and Ice Age. Donkey Kong When the Evil Villain Kills Thanos, Kylo Ren, and Ridley and Next Adventure.

Voice Cast:



  • Rated PG for mild comic violence, threat, very mild bad language.
  • Running Time: 130 Minutes - 125 Minutes.


May 9th, 2020 (USA/Canada/Japan/China).


  1. Prologue (Let Justice Be Done) - Mr. Krabs
  2. When Love is True - Donkey Kong and Sharko
  3. A Story Told - Thanos, Kylo Ren, and Ridley
  4. I Will Be There - Donkey Kong and Sharko
  5. Everyday a Little Death - Donkey Kong, Sharko, and Thanos
  6. When We Are Kings - Jerry and Donkey Kong
  7. When the World Was Mine - Sharko and Popeye
  8. Hell to Your Doorstep - Donkey Kong and Tom
  9. Ah, Women - Donkey Kong and Tuffy
  10. I Know Those Eyes / This Man is Dead - Sharko and Donkey Kong
  11. Pretty Lies - Bernie and Popeye
  12. All This Time - Sharko and Jerry
  13. The Man I Used to Be - Donkey Kong and Boog
  14. Hell to Your Doorstep (Reprise) - Thanos and Donkey Kong
  15. I Will Be There (Reprise) - Donkey Kong and Sharko

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