Don Carpenter is a Character from the Scream series. He appeared in The Scream. He is portrayed by Austin Butler. He was killed by Lucas Jackson.


In the English Lesson, Mr. Robinson and the class are talking about Logan's death. Lucas Jackson thinks it was Isabelle. She was the only one with him. Don says that she won't kill her boyfriend. Mr. Robinson thinks it was an unknown victim with a mask. What a bastard to wear a mask, David says. Jason is sitting behind Sarah and bullies her again, but nobody sees it.

That night, Matthew and Don are playing FIFA 17 with each other. The door is opened. They don't hear it. Don says he goes upstairs. He walks on the stairs where he is grabbed by the Scream. Matthew is playing further. Don escapes up. He goes to his room and closes the door. The door is slam by the Scream. He destroys a lamp and picks it up. Don stays on his bed. The Scream electrocutes him. After a half hour Matthew notices that Don isn't comming back. He walks upstairs and searches everywhere. He can't find Don. Later he finds him hang up and killed. He is shocked. Later the Scream stands behind him. He turns to him. The Scream uses his knife. Later the wall is shown with blood.

Don and Matthew's Death bodies are later found by Mr. Chapman during the Halloween party.




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