Dog Man: The First Epic Movie is a 2019 film. Directed by Steve Carrel and Written by Dav Pilkey (the author of the book series). It is based on Dog Man by Dav Pilkey, and will be released April 23, 2019! On February 2, 2018, it was tweeted that Frank Welker will voice Dog Man with the vocals!


Dog Man saves the world from new villains!


Frank Welker as Dog Man (bark sound): A dog who is a cop that was formally Greg but got hurt in an explosion!

Tim Allen as Chief: The boss of Dog Man and his best friend!

Seth McFarlane as Flippy: A purple fish who was introduced in [Underpants wiki:Dog Man Unleashed]

Tara Strong as Zuzu (bark sound): Lover of Dog Man

Tom Kenny as Petey, Big Jim, and Philly

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