Doctor No is the main antagonist of Never Say No.


Doctor No worked for Spectre until he was apparently killed by James Bond.

Never Say No

In Never Say No, he is revealed to have survived. Before the events of Never Say No, he was offered a job as part of an organization called The Black Hand. He accepted and took the identity "Bushy". His job was to work at a computer store which was secretly a hideout for the Black Hand. When a minor robbery was committed at the store, Leo Redlodge investigated and became alarmingly close to discovering the hideout. No then tried to lure Redlodge away in a chase, but he was captured.

No was released to lure Redlodge to the black hand. Redlodge then impersonated Black Hand representative Creepy Guy on the Street. No blew Redlodge's cover and was revealed to be the boss of the nuclear theft and Trump assassination. He gets sucked into a jet intake killing him.
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No as Bushy

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