Dmitri Smerdyakov was a Russian Oscorp scientist and ex-con who helped Norman Osborn frame Peter Parker. He genetically altered himself to allow him to mingle with his DNA. He is the main antagonist in Spider-Man Homecoming 2.


Dmitri had a pale complexion and fading brown hair. After his DNA was altered, his skin was milky white and he had no eyelids or other features.


Researching Genetics-

Dmitri researched genetics at Oscorp and wanted something to allow people to fiddle with their DNA to allow them to have the freedom of changing how they looked, to please themselves and others.

Framing Peter Parker-

Norman Osborn enlisted Dmitri to make sure Peter didn't interfere with Norman's plans, so Dmitri rummaged through Tony Stark's old files until he found blueprints for the Spider-Man suit, and Peter's blueprints for his web fluid . Dmitri created a replica of the suit and the web fluid and used them to murder Pepper Potts and frame Peter for the crime.  

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