Disney In The House 6 is a 2035 American live-action/animated Christmas comedy film produced by Owen Laramore Studios, and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The sequel to Disney In The House 5, the sixth installment in the Disney In The House reboot franchise, and the 50th film in Owen Laramore Entertainment's theatrical film canon, the film was directed by George A. Mendoza in his directorial debut from a screenplay by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. The returning cast--Sarah Silverman, Ginnifer Goodwin, Dakota Fanning (from archive recordings of her child voice), Rodger Bumpass, Frank Welker, Michael J. Fox, Owen Laramore, and Seth MacFarlane--is joined by Bradley Cooper, Isla Fisher, Jack Black, and Justin Timberlake.

Released theatrically on December 21, 2035, the film was commercially successful, grossing $723 million against its $102 million budget. Like its predecessors, Disney In The House 6 received critical acclaim for its subject matter, heartwarming message, visual effects, humor, performances, and Mark Mothersbaugh and John Powell's musical score.


Dakota Fanning as Beth Pierce (archive recordings of Dakota's child voice)

Bradley Cooper as Santa Claus

Isla Fisher as Snow Queen

Owen Laramore as Lawrence Pierce

Keegan-Michael Key as J Jared

Scarlett Johansson as Kristen Powell

Emily VanCamp as Amy Powell

Jessica Biel as Miranda Powell


Sarah Silverman as Vanellope

Ginnifer Goodwin as Judy

Rodger Bumpass as Hank

Frank Welker as Iggy

Michael J. Fox as Mr. Ziploc

Jack Black as Bird

Justin Timberlake as Bear

Seth MacFarlane as Spooney

Jim Hanks as Woody

Gary Owen as Buzz

Jessica DiCicco as Jessie

Alison Pill as Anna

Jennifer Jason Leigh as Elsa

Bill Camp as Ralph

Jason Acuna as Nick

Dee Bradley Baker as Olaf

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