In Descendants 3, the VKs have to go back to the Isle of the Lost, but can't because they are no longer recognized as villains, so they decide they need a sailor to get them around the barrier. They go to find the son of Maui. They also run into the son of Stitch and Angel who is purple (a combination of Blue and Pink), so of course Mal wants him as a pet since purple is her favorite color. They also team up with Yzma's son, who also wants Stitch's son as a pet because he too is purple obsessed. Yzma's son is also fashion obsessed as shown in a flashback using Yzma's deleted villain song "Snuff Out the Light." which will also pay tribute to Yzma's voice actress, the late Eartha Kitt. Because Yzma's son is fashion obsessed, he and Evie will end up together at the end, because Evie will also realize she doesn't need a prince. Maui's son can shapeshift like his dad and the VK's end up in a battle with a sea monster so he turns into an animal and fights alongside Jay who turns into a genie and when Maui's son wins he says "You're Welcome." Yzma's son also hates cats because Yzma used to be a cat, and because it's a parallel to Carlos being scared of dogs in the first one.

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