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Discord X Oggy: The Movie (Or Formely Discord and Oggy: Sealed With A Kiss) is Upcoming On 2020.


The Film Begins, TBA..........

Voice Cast:

French Cast:

  • TBA as Discord

German Cast:

  • TBA as Discord

Italian Cast:

  • TBA as Discord

Spanish Cast:

  • TBA as Discord

Songs/Ending Songs:

  1. K-9 Rhapsody - Marvin The Martian
  2. Old Man Jenkinsbot's Evil Plan (How Can I Refuse) - Old Man Jenkinsbot, Argentina, Phillipe, Louf, and Lisa
  3. Good Morning - Etno, Candy, Gorgious, Bud, Stereo, and Rabot
  4. Aliens Are Disgusting - Pancake, Strudel, and Omelet
  5. Count The Stars - Bud and Waffle
  6. Sometimes When You’re Gone - Waffle
  7. Hermoso Noche/Music Mashup (Finale Song) - Waffle and The Whole Cast
  8. TBA (Ending Song) - Owl City


Main article: Discord X Oggy: The Movie/Soundtrack


  1. Old Man Jenkinsbot, Argentina, Phillipe, Louf, and Lisa Sing How Can I Refuse From Barbie as The Princess and The Pauper.

K-9 Rhapsody Script:

  • Marvin The Martian: 🎵🎵🎵K-9, You Understand! TBA!🎵🎵🎵

Final Battle Script:

  • Pancake: Why do we have to Stay at This? Are you sure Rusty Rivets would be here by now?
  • Strudel: Yeah, And once he sees how beautiful and awesome we look, he’ll take us to a much cooler party!
  • Omelet: Excellent Plan, Strudel!
  • Sarcastic Preacher: Todsy we are gathered here today for the wedding of Bud Budovitch and Waffle. Bud, do you take Waffle to be your wife?
  • Bud: Yes.
  • Sarcastic Preacher: Waffle?
  • Waffle: Yes.
  • Sarcastic Preacher: You May Now Kiss The Breakfast!
  • Argentina: Hands And Paws Up! This is a Robbery!
  • Phillipe: Yeah, And We Are gonna Ruin your wedding!
  • Pancake: Argentina and Phillipe! You escaped from Marvin the Martian!
  • Argentina: Phillipe, Louf, Lisa! Attack!
  • (Louf Eats Wedding Cake)
  • Waffle: Oh No! Louf is eating our cake! What are we gonna do?
  • Bud: Call Him Loufkiko And see how he likes it.
  • Waffle: OK! Hey, Loufkiko!
  • Louf: Huh?
  • Waffle: Can You Ground Me to Show you are an Evil, Cruel, Opinion Disrespecting Homosapien?
  • (Louf Screams)
  • Lisa: Hi Budkiko, I Captured your Pet Ferret! You’re never getting her back!
  • Bud: Oh Yes I Am! (Punches Lisa and Frees Polly)
  • Polly the Ferret: Hooray!
  • Strudel: Oh My Dog! What happened to Lisa?
  • (Argentina and Phillipe get taped up by The Wedding Guests)
  • Pancake: Oh yeah, You will never beat us! We’re not your friends anymore, Waffle!
  • Waffle: What? No! If You were my friends, you would care about My Choice to marry Bud instead of Phillipe!
  • Marvin the Martian: Congratulations, Earthlings! You Csught Arkiko And Philkilo! Now I must send Pankiko and Her Flip Buddies To Pakistan!
  • Pnacale, Strudel, And Omelet: Oh No! Not Pakistan!
  • (Pancake and her Friends get sent to Pakistan with a Trans Country Laser)
  • Omelet: Pancake, where are we?
  • Pancake: Our new home.
  • Ismail Productions: Hello, and welcome to Pakistan! You were sent here because the three of you were jerks to your friend! Now, I have no choice but to scare you to your new house! (Ismail Production Logo Plays and Pancake and her friends scream)

Finale Script:

  • (Wedding Bells)


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  • English - (Discord X Oggy: The Movie)
  • French - (Discord X Oggy: le film)
  • German - (Discord X Oggy: Der Film)
  • Italian - (Discord X Oggy: il film)
  • Spanish - (Discord X Oggy: la película)



Release Dates:

  • Argentina: TBA
  • Australia: TBA
  • Brazil: TBA
  • Bulgaria: TBA
  • Canada: November 26th, 2020
  • Chile: TBA
  • Colombia: TBA
  • Croatia: TBA
  • Czech Republic: TBA
  • Denmark: TBA
  • France: TBA
  • Germany: TBA
  • Greece: TBA
  • Hong Kong: TBA
  • Hungary: TBA
  • Iceland: TBA
  • Ireland: TBA
  • Italy: TBA
  • Jamaica: TBA
  • Japan: TBA
  • Lithuania: TBA
  • Malaysia: TBA
  • Mexico: TBA
  • Netherlands: TBA
  • New Zealand: TBA
  • Norway: TBA
  • Philippines: TBA
  • Poland: TBA
  • Portugal: TBA
  • Romania: TBA
  • Russia: TBA
  • Singapore: TBA
  • Slovakia: TBA
  • South Africa: TBA
  • Spain: TBA
  • Sri Lanka: TBA
  • Sweden: TBA
  • Turkey: TBA
  • Ukraine: TBA
  • United Kingdom: TBA
  • United States: November 26th, 2020
  • Vietnam: TBA

Home Media:

Main article: Discord X Oggy: The Movie/Home media


  • Etno: I Don't Care Bud!
  • Bud: I Now Etno!

DVD Or Blu-Ray Menu:

  • Play Movie
  • Seletion Scenes:
    • (Opening Credits)
    • TBA.
    • TBA.
    • TBA.
    • TBA.
    • TBA.
    • TBA.
    • TBA.
    • TBA.
    • TBA.
    • TBA.
    • TBA.
    • TBA.
    • TBA.
    • TBA.
    • TBA.
    • TBA.
    • (Closing Credits)
  • Special Features:
    • TBA.
    • TBA.
    • TBA.
    • TBA.
    • TBA.
  • Languages:
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Spanish


  • Bud’s Girlfriend has the Same Name as Waffle from Catscratch, Waffle’s Favorite Show.
  • Pancake, Strudel, And Omelet are Waffle’s Friends, But they don’t support Her love with Bud.
  • TBA.
  • TBA.
  • TBA.

Character Gallery:

Discord X Oggy:

Discord.jpeg Oggy.jpeg

Discord's Pet:



Popeye.png Flain.jpg Four_from_BFDI.png X_from_BFDI.png Pat.jpeg Stan.jpeg Boog.jpeg Elliott.jpeg Nick_Wilde_Pose_Render.png Jack.jpeg Joey.jpeg Marky.jpeg Dee_Dee.jpeg Zig.jpeg Sharko.jpeg Bernie.jpeg Bud.jpeg Etno.jpeg Candy.jpeg Gorgious.jpeg Stereo.jpeg

Crossover Characters:

Norbert_Foster.jpeg Daggett_Doofus.jpeg CatDog.jpeg Ren.jpeg Stimpy.jpeg Sven.jpeg Rocko.jpeg Heffer_Wolfe.jpeg Filburt.jpeg Spunky.jpeg Lazlo.jpeg Raj.jpeg Clam.jpeg Harold.jpeg Milt.jpeg Larrison.jpeg ScoutMaster_Lumpus.jpeg Slinkman.jpeg Chef_McMuesli.jpeg Nurse_Leslie.jpeg Courage.png Chowder.jpeg Bagel_and_Becky.jpeg Percy.jpeg Marie.jpg MarioJump.png Luigi_super_mario.png Bugs_Bunny.png Daffy_Duck.png Porky_Pig_%28from_Looney_Tunes%29.png Elmer_Fudd.jpg Sylvester.png Claude_Cat.jpeg Hubie_and_Bertie.jpeg Marvin_The_Martian.jpeg K-9.jpeg Orange.png Armodrillo.png Donkey_Kong.png Pink_Panther.png Manny_ice_age_4.png Homer_Simpson.png Mr._Blik.jpeg Waffle.jpeg Gordon_Quid.jpeg Hulk.png Mordecai_and_Rigby_as_Ratchet_and_Clank.png GumballSeason_3.png Darwinregplisss.png Baymax.png


K._Rool_Artwork_-_Donkey_Kong_64.png Louf_and_Lisa.jpeg Tom_and_Bobert.png



  • Pancake mentions Rusty Rivets when She complains about being at Bud and Waffle’s Wedding, And Strudel Saying That He will take The Trio to a Better Party.
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