Destroy All Monsters Also Known As Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters In Asia Is A Japanese Science Fiction/Action Film Directed By The Same Director Of Godzilla Vs Biollante. It Is The Final Instalment Of The Heisei Line Of Godzilla Movies. The Film Is Rated PG.



In The Aftermath Of The Previous Movie, Giant Monsters Now Rule The Earth. The Monsters Are Lead By The King, Godzilla, Who Wants The Earth To Be Like A "True" Earth With No Humans. But The JSDF, And A New Anti-Monster Conspiracy Organisation Known As "Project Destroy All Monsters" (PDAM) Wants All Monsters Gone So Mankind Can Take The Earth Back. But When A New King Ghidorah And A Alien Race Known As The Xiliens Arrive, And The Kaiju Start To Rampage, War Will Insue, In Godzilla's Final War.


• The Plot Shares Many Similarities Between Godzilla: Final Wars, (2004) The Original Destroy All Monsters, (1968) And Independence Day (1996) And It's Sequel. (2016)

• It's The Longest Heisei Godzilla Film, At 3 Hours And 11 Minutes, 10 Minutes Longer Than Avengers Endgame. (2019) Godzilla Vs Kong (1990 Film) Is The Second Longest At 2 Hours And 30 Minutes. 

• Miki Uses The Oxygen Destroyer To Revive Godzilla After The First Battle With King Ghidorah. Serizawa Also Did The Same Thing In Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. (2019)

• After The Film Was Released, A Manga Adaptation Was Released. It Is More Different And Violent Than Its Film Counterpart, The Changes Include:

1. During Godzilla's Attack In New York City, He Tears Off The Head Of The Statue Of Liberty And Eats It. In The Film, He Does Not Do This

2. King Ghidorah Is 300 Meters, But In The Film, He's Not.

3. All Of The Monsters Can Run Very Fast In The Manga.

4. It Does Not Happen In The Film, But In The Manga, Kong Punches One Of King Ghidorah's Heads Off. 

5. Mothra Is Killed In The Manga, But In The Film, She Leaves For Space At The End Of The Film. 

6. Godzilla Eats The Corpses Of The Enemies He Fought.

But However, The Manga Did Get Quite Famous Like It's Film Counterpart.

• Mothra Is Able To Fly Faster Than The Speed Of Light.

• The Film Has Everybody Who Survived The Previous Films, Sorta Like The Final 2 Avengers Films.


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