Dekean John Rodriguez was a fictional Main Antagonists in Breakthrough Crisis, Dekean Rodriguez is portrayed by American actor, producer and musician Robert Downey Jr.


Breakthrough Crisis

In March 2021, MI6 faces a crisis when the mercenary Pokrised, Dekean's assassin, steals a hard drive containing the identities of every NATO agent currently in the field and delivers it to Dekean. (After this, he is shown in the opening sequence of Skyfall as a silhouette) Silva was at the centre of the crisis by decrypting the drive using her personal computer, remotely, and sending her a message advising her to "think on her sins" before bombing her office (knowing that she isn't inside), killing eight MI6 agents in the process, bringing her under pressure from the government to resign. He then begins posting videos online revealing the identities of the undercover field agents, threatening that he would post five more every week.

Bond boards Veselines's yacht at night, which departs to a remote island off the coast of Macau Hashima Island - the former chemical plant which Dekean had taken for himself by issuing a false alarm declaring a major leak, prompting a complete evacuation and quarantine of the island. On the island, Dekean's men takes Veselines away and restrain Bond in a chair at the end of a long warehouse filled with Dekean's electronic equipment.



  • Mr. Jeff † - Henchmen
  • Mr. Cartel † - Henchmen
  • Veselines † - Henchmen and victim
  • Poxen Shown † - Henchmen
  • Dekean's right-hand man † - Henchmen
  • Pokrised † - Henchmen
  • Letas † - Henchmen
  • Hiddleston † - Henchmen
  • Talka † - Henchmen
  • Tospe † - Henchmen
  • Tiyaka † - Henchmen
  • Ikashi † - Henchmen


  • James Bond (007)
  • Gareth Mallory
  • Q
  • Moneypenny
  • Bill Tanner
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