Daytona USA the movie was a 2019 movie developed for the 26th anniversary of Daytona USA. Walden Media were the producers of the movie, their first movie not adapted from a Children's Novel. The Movie was made as a Rival to Namco's new Ridge Racer movie, initiating a Trend of Racing Game based movies.

Filming begun in 2017, and Mark Winterbottom, Daniel Ricciardo, Fernando Alonso and Brendon Hartley were spotted on set. As it was filmed in New Zealand. A New Scale Replica of the three original circuits from the game were built. This was very hard to do as most of these had to be individual temporary islands offshore. However, rather than hiring Extras to be the crowd, they decided to actually film the racing as a real race and give tickets to Spectators so they could be the Extras, paying them £100 each for participating.

The Film was compared to the Ridge Racer movie, who favoured it as the racing was actually quite realistic.

The cast of the film were

William Moseley as Tom Brown, driver of the #41 Hornet

Brendon Hartley as Richard Richardson, driver of the #28 Gallop Car.

Mark Winterbottom as Robert Wolf, driver of the #19 Wolf Car.

Guest appearances included Alain Prost and Damon Hill, specifically invited by Sega to drive a replica of the ICI Olivetti Trans Am Car, which was very similar in colour to the 1993 Williams F1 Car.

Fernando Alonso, who was spotted playing the remake of Daytona USA, is also a driver in this film.

James Grint in his acting debut as Jonathan Hunter, driver of the #77 Car. Sega spotted him in his Rally Driving Days and almost cast him in a Sega Rally movie, but then decided he should be in the Daytona movie. This guy is Rupert Grint's brother.

David "Crofty" Croft, David Walliams and David Leytze played the commentators. They were known as the "Three Davids".

The film was an astounding success, grossing $1.2 Billion. This was because of the previous Ridge Racer movie. And a massive marketing campaign, after this, Sega made a proper Daytona USA 3 based on the events in the movie and featuring the original actors.

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