David Parker

David Parker as normal boy

David Parker is a Character from the Scream series. He appeared in The Scream and The Scream Returns. He is portrayed by Beau Marchoff. He was one of the three Screams. He was also the biggest villain. He killed over 10 people. He was killed by Sam Stone.


The Scream

During a normal lesson, David Parker is talking with his friends, Jason King, Emma Graham and Noa Knight. The rest of the class is also talking. On that time Mr. Chapman comes inside. The class is silent again. He walks inside with a new girl. "This is our new classmate", he says, "Sarah Adams". David is laughing "What a stupid girl," he says it to Emma, Jason, and Noa. Emma and Jason are laughing. Sarah goes sitting inside the class. "Tell something about yourself, Sarah," Mr. Chapman says. She does it. During it David, Emma and Jason are laughing again.

In the break, Sarah is sitting alone. She eats some fries in the canteen. David, Emma, and Jason walk to her. David pushes her head into the fries. No teacher sees it. Sam and his friends see it. Noa also sees it but she has no feelings for it. Bruce is talking with Isabelle and Julie. They also saw it. David, Emma, and Jason are walking laughing away.

Later it is Friday afternoon, the class has gym. They are making teams for football. David seems as the best in gym of the class has to make the teams with Emma. Sarah is chosen last. Sarah is very bad in Football and makes a lot of mistakes. David bullies her again with that.

After school, David wants to go with Noa to his house. Noa is angry on what David is doing and says no to David. Sam also asks her to do something. She says yes. David sees it and angry and jealous walks away.

Later, David also bullies Sarah on Social Media.

The next night, Isabelle and Logan Grant are with each other. They are alone in Logan's house. Logan is from a very rich family. They have a swimming Pool. Logan wants to swim with Isabelle. He pulls off his clothes and puts on his swimming suit. Isabelle does it too. But on the same time, the door of his house is opened, David in a Scream Costume walks in. David is very angry at Logan. He was a former friend of him. David walks further into the house. David decides to call Logan. Logan and Isabelle are swimming. Logan goes out of the swimming pool and takes on the mobile. David uses A weird voice. Hello, Logan, he says. Who is this??? Logan says. Your friend, Daniel, David says. He has a different voice as you. What is your favorite Scary Movie David says. Saw 5, What then, if you want to come here and we will fight it out. David sends a photo of Logan to him. And after that a photo of Isabelle follows: with the text What will you say if I fuck her. Logan becomes angry and goes to the place where the photos were sent. David walks fast away to the bathroom. Isabelle is still swimming, not know anything about what happens. David sends a photo of his bathtub with the text: I will fuck her in that bathtub. More angry Logan walks upstairs to his bedroom. The door closes. David shows himself with a big knife. Logan attacks him. The Scream throws him inside the bathtub. The Scream puts a knife in his belly. He puts on the water. And he stabs him more times. Almost death Logan is in a bathtub full of blood water. He chokes in the water and dies. When he is death, David fastly runs away.

The next day, Isabelle isn't on school. In the English Lesson, Mr. Robinson and the class are talking about Logan's death. Lucas Jackson thinks it was Isabelle. She was the only one with him. Don says that she won't kill her boyfriend. Mr. Robinson thinks it was an unknown victim with a mask. What a bastard to wear a mask, David says. Jason is sitting behind Sarah and bullies her again, but nobody sees it.

David is still angry at Noa, but he still loves her. He decides to go to her home. When he is there, Noa and her best friend, Mette are making homework. Noa doesn't open the door. Angrily David walks away. Ok next time Knight, I will do it in a different way.

The next day on school, a random girl goes go the toilet where she sees the death body of Vanessa. David's Friend Mette did it. She screams and is shocked tells it to a teacher she first sees. He says to other people and soon the whole school knows it. In the lesson Gym, the class talks about it again. It is sure Isabelle, Lucas says. She kills all people that are close to her. Bruce disagrees, and they have a talk fight. Charlotte Cole is also disagreed and helps Bruce. The teacher stops the fight. During it, David wants to bully Sarah again. NDavid does it, but Jayden is faster and attacks him. They fight. Emma and Jason help David. The teacher goes fast to it to stop it. What a sucker, Matthew says. Ok, the lesson is done, all leave.

After School, David attacks Noa. Sam sees it and attacks and hits David. David is surprised to see him and walks away.

David is after again so angry that he bullies Sarah again.

David says to Lucas that he has to kill Matthew and Don. Lucas does it. David thanks him.

The next day on school everybody is excited for the Halloween party tonight. Nobody cares even about Don's and Matthew disappearance. In the lesson maths, they are again discussing who is the Scream. Lucas still thinks it is Isabelle, who is back in the class with Bruce. Isabelle and Bruce say a reason why it can't be Isabelle. David, Emma and Jason want to bully Sarah again, but it is harder because that Jayden is protecting her. Mr. Chapman sees it and says something about it. He is really done with it and he sends them to the director At the director, Jason, Emma and David get a punishment. They have to clean the canteen during the breaks. The next break they do it. David collects a lot of trash. He sees that Sarah is alone and he walks to her. He throws all the trash on her. Jayden sees it attacks David. They fight. Noa, who is also in the canteen sees it also. David and Jayden are still fighting until the fight is stopped by a janitor. They both go to the director. David sees Noa and is again flirting with her. But it can't and he is pulled by the janitor to the director. Back at the janitor they both have to stay after school. They both get again a punishment.

After school, David is preparing to kill his next victim. His next target is Mr. Chapman. He really hates maths, so he will kill him.

On the Halloween Party, David is standing outside and watches everybody go in. Inside, David sees Sam and Noa together. He is really angry. Emma sees it and says: Why you love that bitch so much, she is really stupid. That makes David even more angry and he walks angrily away to the toilet. Later a show starts. Mr. Chapman starts the show. Everybody is quiet and listens. It is a Halloween show with graves. Mr. Chapman picks up 3 graves. In one grave are candys for everybody, other one is empty and one is full with fake blood. All the people start voting. They all vote for the left one. Mr. Chapman opens it. It is full with Candies. Everybody is glad. Mr. Chapman throws the candies in a cannon and shoots it into the people. David picks up his own grave and puts it at the others. Mr. Chapman opens next one. It is empty. After some minutes he opens David's grave. It is a real grave!! And the death bodies of Don and Matthew are lying in it. Everybody is very scared and runs out of the house. Mr. Chapman is scared again but he has to make it clear. Outside, everybody goes back to their houses. This gives David a big chance. He sees that Mr. Chapman is really sad about it. Inside the house, Mr. Chapman is alone and later attacked by David. David stabs Mr. Chapman multiple times and kills him. He throws his death body in the grave. After that, David sees that Sam and Noa still are outside with each other alone. It is very dark outside. He is still very angry on Sam and opens the door. Noa is very afraid. David attacks Sam. Run away he says to her. Sam fights back and is stronger than David. He steals his knife. David has no weapon anymore and runs away.

The next day school is closed and everybody is home.

David is still angry and decides to call Noa. She opens the call. Hello Noa David with an weird voice says. Who is this, she says. Just a friend he says. Friend?? Who is that stupid guy you was with on the Halloween party. A friend of me, she says. I will fucking kill him. What?? She says. After that I will fuck you and kill you. Noa hangs up and cries. David is still angry and decides to bully Sarah again. He is with Jason and Emma. David throw a stone trough her house window. Jayden, who sees it attacks them again for the so much time.

The next day, David puts a letter in Sam's locker. On it stands: "Your last 24 hours are begun". Later David is with Emma and Jason standing before Sarah on the toilet. They wait for that she comes out, Mr. Robinson sees it and asks them to go away. They do. But Lucas is in the toilet and kills Mr. Robinson.

In the next break, a normal boy goes to the toilet where he finds the parts of Mr. Robinson. Now they are really done with it. They call Detective Richards. He has to find out who the Scream is.

The next day on school, Detective Richards ask children about the murderer on school. His team is making a result. David doesn't even care about him. He asks Mette to kill Julie Paine. She does it. When it is done, David goes to Isabelle's house. He also wants to kill her. He is standing with Mette outside her house. Mette throws the parts of Julie Paine on their window to scare them. They don't see it and David destroys their front door. He walks up the stairs. He waits outside the door. Inside, Bruce and Isabelle are done. Bruce goes away. David is still inside and waits his chance to go inside Isabelle's room. He takes his chance and goes in. Isabelle is shocked and wants to protect her. But David is stronger and gets her. But instead of killing her, David decides to rape her first. He pulls of her clothes and rapes her. But suddenly the door opens and Bruce is back. He attacks David. David is frightend and tries to escape through the window. He jumps out of it on a trash and escapes.

After that, David asks Lucas if he wants to help him to go over to Sarah's house and kill Sarah and Jayden. They are outside Jayden's house. Lucas is hitting the window. Jayden wants to look what it is and opens the window. Above Lucas is with an axe and stabs it in Jayden's head. He dies and fells out of his house. Sarah sees it and screams and picks up her axe. But it is stopped by somebody behind her. She watches behind her, where she sees Scream standing. It is David. He removes his mask to let see his face to Sarah. I was always your biggest enemy. David is still very angry on her and stabs her in her belly. A lot of blood fells outside her. David is very agressive and chops of her head and kills her. David and Lucas picks up the two bodies and throws them in the trash can.

Mette later says that she is invited to go into Sam and Noa's research to find out who is the Scream. David laughs very hard and says that she has too say yes, and spy on them, and when the time is ready, we will kill them all. Lucas goes back to Jayden's house.

Later David hears that Jayden is killed by Sam. He is very angry. He is later called by his master, Master Scream. He goes to him and tells him about Lucas's death. Master Scream is very angry and watches his death at a camera. You have to kill that stupid boy!! If you fail!, I will have to kill you. Yes Master, David says. Mette is already going too far, you have to kill her first, Master Scream says. I will kill her Master.

The next day on school. The class is very empty. David, Emma and Jason are angry that Sarah isn't on school. Sam and Noa are again with each other. David is very jaelous to see Sam with Noa. He walks to him and he wants to attack him. But he doesn't do it. He walks to Noa and grabs her. Sam is angry and hits David. They both fall on the ground. Sam helps Noa up and they walk away. David is still angry and he really wants revenge. Later detective Richards comes on school. He tells everybody that he found a body of a Scream. Somebody probably killed him he says. So the killer is death. So you guys don't have any worries anymore. David laughs about it, that they all think it is over. The grand final begins tonight, he thinks. But first I have to kill that stupid Detective and Mette.

That night, David calls Detective Richards. Detective Richards is at his office alone. He opens his call. Hello James!! a strange voice says. Who is this he says. You can call me Bill, David says. Ok Bill what is wrong. I have found a body. I will give you my addres. It is Beach Avenue 25. He goes to it. When he is at the house, he finds a body. It is the body of Julie. He walks further in the house. Bill?? He screams. David is watching at him. Detective Richards notice he is walking in oil. David makes a lucifer and throws it on the ground in the oil. The fire goes to Detectice Richards. He is on the fire. David fastly runs out of the house. The fire goes further into a bomb. The house explodes and detective Richards dies. Now I will go to Sam's house, David says. When he is at the house, he sees that Mette is already unmasked. He picks up a knife and throws it to Mette. She is stabbed and dies. Sam runs to it and saves Noa. David is standing behind her. David is done with it and he removes his mask. She is mine he says. Nobody will kill her. Jason is very shocked. Ok who of you stupid guys will die first, David says. My friends Lucas and Mette were only pawns. I am glad you killed Lucas, Sam. What?? You killed him?? Noa says. Sam sadly say it is right. Noa thanks him. It is no time to thank each other. It is your time to die!!!!, David says. He picks up his knife and ran to them. He wants to stab Sam, but Jason jumps before him. Go!! He says, you can thank me in heaven. Hahahaha you saved him??? Jason is stabbed but fights back. The others run away. Jason is not strong enough and is stabbed multiple times. David becomes even more agressive and stabs him everywhere. Jason dies. The others are in Sam's room. David follows where the other went to. He slams in their door. He goes with his hand and knife through the door. He wants to kill somebody. Sam attacks and puts the knife in his own hand. He opens the door and kicks him. David wants to fight back but is kicked again by Sam. The third time he picks Sam's leg and he wants to throw it down to the first floor. But Sam pulls him away and they both fall down. A lamp also falls down on Sam and David. Sam picks up David and the lamp fells on David, He is severy injured. He still wants to do something back. But Sam picks up a stick and slams David. The others try to help. They throw some things at him. William picks up bag and throws it at him. David is even more injured but he picks up another knife, Sam sees it and picks up his and stabs it into David's head. He loses a lot blood. Later he fells on the ground and finally dies.

Deleted Scenes

Angry David

Noa is in David house. Emma and Jasob are also there. David asks to Noa if she wants to help them with bullying Sarah. She angrily says no and walks out of the house. David is very mad and destroys some things. Emma walks to him and says why you care so much about that ugly girl, I am lot hotter. No says David angry. It is all because that stupid boy, Sam. I will kill him, I WILL KILL HIM!!!!!! You will kill somebody???, Jason ask. No, I was kidding, David says. This scene was supposed to come in the beginning of the movie and was deleted because it gave a lot details about that David is the Scream.

Scream Conversation

Two screams (David and Mette) are angry about Lucas's death. They want to take revenge. David said it was Sam. Ah the girlfriend of Noa, Mette Says. I will kill him. Don't fail, otherwise I havd to kill you. I will kill that stupid detective. This scene was supposed to come before thr end fight and after Lucas's death. It was deleted because then it was already made clear that there are two more Screams.




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