Dark Universe is a movie series made by Astral-New-X based on the Universal monsters.

List of Movies

Phase 1

Film U.S. Release Date Genre
Dracula 2017

Horror, Fantasy

The Bride of Frankenstein 2018

Horror, Sciencie Fiction

The Mummy 2019 Horror, Fantasy
Night of the Werewolf 2019

Horror, Science Fiction

Rise of the Dark 2021

Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Action

Phase 2

Film U.S. Release Date Genre
The Black Lagoon 2022 Horror, Fantasy, Drama
Dracula II 2022 Horror, Fantasy
The Invisible Man 2023 Horror, Science-Fiction

Monsters Featured

Phase 1

  1. Dracula.
  2. Monster of Frankenstein.
  3. Imhotep\Mummy.
  4. The Werewolf.
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