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Danny Phantom is an American Live Action/Animated Superhero Comedy film by Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon Movies, and will be released on March 19, 2020. It will be directed by Steve Marmel.


Kendryck the Cat will be debut in the Movie as Danny Fenton's Sidekick Cat.

Set in Amity Park, the Film revolves around a 14 years old Teenager Danny Fenton, who is accidentally bit by a Radioactive Ghost that gives him ablities and the alias "Danny Phantom".



Set during the day after the events of the series finale "Phantom Planet", Danny Fenton and Sam Manson has become an official couple while Kendryck the Anthropomorphic Energetic Cat was looking, Tucker Foley has become Amity Park's Mayor (well, he's still young at least), and Jazz Fenton is preparing to visit a college in Indiana where her older and hotter Cousin name Julie currently attends. However, things go wrong when Dan Phantom causes trouble and abducts every Adult in Amity Park. Will Danny, Kendryck, Sam, Tucker, Jazz, and the rest of the Teenagers save Amity Park and the world (along with the ghosts) in time for Jazz to stay over with Julie?


  • David Kaufman as Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom - The Main Hero and Protagonist.
  • Grey DeLisle as Samantha Manson a.k.a. Sam - A Goth Girl who is Danny's Love Interest
  • Rickey D'Shon Collins as Tucker Foley - A Techno Geek who is one of Danny's best friends.
  • Jack Black as Kendryck Fenton - Danny's Pet and Sidekick Anthropomorphic (Wingless Dragonfly) Energetic Cat.
  • Rob Paulsen as Jack Fenton (Danny's Father), the Box Ghost, and Nicolai Technus.
  • Kath Soucie as Maddie Fenton (Danny's Mother) and Lunch Lady Ghost.
  • Colleen Villard as Jazz Fenton - Danny's older sister.
  • Ron Perlman as Mr. Lancer - Casper High's vice Principal and Teacher.
  • Laraine Newman as Ms. Tetslaff - Casper High's Gym Teacher.
  • Jason Marsden as Dash Baxter - Casper High's Athlete and Bully for Danny.
  • Maria Canals Barrera as Paulina - Casper High's Cheerleader.
  • James Sie (or Eric Bauza) as Kwan - Casper High's athlete and Dash's bodyguard.
  • Tara Strong as Star (Paulina's satellite), Ember McLain, and Penelope Spectra.
  • Cree Summer as Valerie Gray - who sometimes tries to get revenge on Danny as a ghost boy.
  • Mae Whitman as Julie Fenton - Jazz's older and hotter Cousin who currently attends College in Indiana.
  • June Angela as Shelly Makamoto - the Japanese-American Reporter.
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Lance Thunder - the Newscaster.
  • Fred Tatasciore as Skulker.
  • Mark Hamill as Undergrowth.
  • Eric Roberts as Dan Phantom (or Dark Danny) - The Main Antagonist of the Film.




Jason Lee was chosen to be the main antagonist Nolan Malthone. The original cast members of the series reprise their roles as their characters, with a few characters voiced by different actors, such as Jason Marsden replacing S. Scott Bullock as Dash Baxter.

Jack Fenton's father Harvard Fenton was originally to appear in the film voiced by Michael Caine, but unfortunately, he was written out of the film.


Tyler Bates, known for his composing on the Guardians of the Galaxy films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, composes the film's score. Adam Berry, John Debney and David Newman were previously chosen to compose the film. The show's theme song for the film is written by Guy Moon and composed by Bates.


  • The original cast members who voiced in "Danny Phantom" from 2004 to 2007 will reprise their roles of their respective characters (except for S. Scott Bullock, who turned down voicing Dash due to his age, leaving Jason Marsden in his place. As well as Kevin Michael Richardson, as he had TV show characters voices to do. So, Fred Tatasciore takes his role) for this movie.
  • Kendryck is originated from the 2018 Nickelodeon Animated TV Series, Mighty Bug 5: Animal Patrol.
  • Julie Fenton is a new character voiced by former child actor Mae Whitman. She is Jazz Fenton's older and hotter cousin...and closely resembles her, only with a different nose, blue eyes, and short cut red hair.
  • As every teen (including Julie) find a way in to rescue all grown-ups, they all wear surgical masks to infiltrate Dan and his ghost guards. As you know, while most masks are blue, Sam's mask is black.
  • We soon learn what Paulina's and Kwan's last names are, and what Star's real name is.
  • A "Come Visit Dimmsdale!" billboard is shown, referencing The Fairly OddParents.
  • Steve Marmel will reunite with Butch Hartman to do this movie, after Butch had fired him by the end of the DP series!

Logo Variations for the Film

Paramount Animation

Film Variant

an instrumental version of theme song plays

Trailer Variant

No variation is added in the trailers.

Nickelodeon Movies

Film Variant

The logo's background is black. The logo glows green, except for the word, "Movies".

Trailer Variants

No variation is added in the trailers.


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