Danjhely Lazalahane is a Girl who became a firefly dingo when she become a patrol leader. She is a playful dog when she is going on a mission with her friends. Her power is Flying faster gas as she up into the sky. Danjhely has a crush on Audryck the duckling.

Mighty Bug 5: Animal Patrol

Danjhely has her pet robot skunk Skunkaroo become a mission pet. In Mighty Bug Animal Patrol she is look alike Jenny From My Life as a Teenage Robot. She is a Dingo robot was she's a sweet wild dog. When she's has her new mate she has a love on Kendryck the cat.


  • She is only a female animal member.
  • Her Power is only a fastest dog.
  • She is a fox but she's a dingo.
  • A Dingo is a Wild Dog in Australia.
  • In Animal Patrol Series is Kendryck's Love Interest
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