Daniel Davidson is a character from Spaceship 537. He is portayed by Emile Hirsch.


Spaceship 537

Daniel Davidson was one of the students that was chosen to go to an unknown planet where was possibly life on. He stayed neutral. After the fight, he stayed on the Spaceship 537. He survived the crash of Spaceship 537 like all other crew members. He went with all others to the town. During the fight, he was hitten by Eric Wright and fell on the ground. He couldn't walk anymore. John Shaw and his allies won the fight and took everyone, except Markus Wood and Caroline Livingstone as hostagers. Davidson was useless to Shaw, he got a sword of Easton Grace and stabbed Davidson through the heart. He died.

Later when the Quetirians came, Davidson's body was taken by Quetirians for research. When Wood, Livingstone and Saxario were walking somewhere in the town, Davidson's body was seen.




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