Damien Smith is the main protagonist of the "Black Passion" series, and appears in the movies "Black Passion", "The Golden City" and "Gates of the Crystal Wall". He is portrayed by Ansel Elgort.

Biography ("Black Passion")

Damien was selected by the Thunder Brothers for a secret time-travel test, during which he went aboard the ship called the "Black Passion" to the future to try and stop an upcoming war from happening (which he eventually understood to be a ruse). Damien is then sent to the scrapyard under the Utopia to collect scraps to repair the time-travel ship, and meets Obadiah Albertson and Ted Guvna, who give him materials and weapons in order to defeat the evil Zachariah, who had controlled his friends back at the utopia. After accidentally killing 3 of his friends, Damien takes responsibility for the entire events of the movie.

Biography ("The Golden City")

Damien starts to miss his old life.

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