DJ Phillip is a movie about a man named phillip who gets hired as a dj at mike's dj place.


a man named phillip who gets hired as a dj at mike's dj place. he works there for 2 years until mike is replaced by Kris Venga eventully,he retires and looks for a new job.but while walking on the street,he is kidnapped by 2 tall men.


Scene 2: Phillip wakes up in a village near Shanghai and takes a car the kidnappers took. he then drives to the airport but is stopped by Kris Venga he reveals that he led the kidnappings because he still wanted Phillip to be the dj at his club.Phillip then says no.he eventually leaves and goes to the airport.he gets there and takes the flight home.but then he fell asleep..

scene 3:he then wakes up in a lair.he discovers its own by Kris Venga!Kris reveals that he has captured him.he successfully escapes and is in a cave in California.he then gets a car and goes to Kansas city.he goes to a pizza place and hangs out with his Friends.he discovers here that he has been gone for 3 days.


  • This was released on March 26th,1989 and was watched by 200 million people.
  • It was a short movie,only 55 minutes long.
  • It's was also the movie for the month:march 1989
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