Cyborg is a superhero in the DCU

The Superman Edit

in a post credit scene superman runs into a man Superman asked his name he says "im victor...victor stone"

Batman & Robin Edit

In a 2nd post credit scene batman and Robin arrest a burgerler and it shows Cyborg at the top of the building and he says "it's just a matter of time"

The Powerful Wonder Woman Edit

Wonder Woman is having troubles fighting so Cyborg comes and helps her Wonder Woman says "thanks vic" he then says "No problem". in the ending they get married!

Justice Leauge Edit

He is in the whole movie

Batman & Robin 2 : Gotham Downfall Edit

Cyborg sees batman without his mask in the bat-cave

"mr. Wayne or should i say batman" He then tries to help stop Penguin

SuperGirl Edit

When Supergirl arrives at the tower Cyborg is at the door with one leg on the wall eating a sucker "Took You Long Enough" Super-girl then says "what ! im on time!" says Super-Girl "Your 2 hours late super-tard" he also helps beat Dark Superman

The Titans Edit

Robin has him join the Titans he helps them beat Black Fire

Injustice Edit

he joins team Superman. He also tries to get robin to get Batman to give up. this makes batman angry and they start to fight but Cyborg falls off the bride in the end they have a funeral

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