The Creepypasta Nightmare Universe (CNU) is an American media franchise and shared fictional universe that is centered in a series of horror films distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, based on Creepypasta stories. Combines features at 10th Anniversary between both as well (about Creepypasta the Fighters) at discover urban legends arrive.

Included first and second film of the call "Slender Man" and "Jeff the Killer". MrCreepypasta haves made other films after finished first and second film, to be next as "SmileDog.JPG", "SCP", Five Nights at Freddy's, "The Rake", "Sally", "KageKao", "Laughing Jack", "Candle Cove", "Marble Hornets", "Zalgo", "BEN Drowned", "Ticci-Toby", "Eyeless Jack", "BOB", "Anesthesia", "Nick Vanill", "The Puppeteer", "Abandoned by Disney", "The Girl in the Photograph", "Nathan", "Sonic.EXE", "The Purple Balloon", "The Keyhole", "The Past Should Stay Buried", "Mr. Widemouth", "Youtube.EXE", "Phone?!", "BANG" "Jane the Killer" "The Scarecrow", "Laughing Jill", "Mr. Widemouth", "Jason the Toy Maker" and "Seedeater" alongside some sequels and prequels when getting ultimate plans on future, if gonna be perfect off movies.

Feature films

Film US release date Director(s) Written by Status
Slender Man 2018 Released
Jeff the Killer 2019 Released
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