Cornelius van Lunt is a powerful businessman that one of the twelve Zodiac ambassadors- acting America's Zodiac under the code name Taurus. He is an Irish-American and is a general in the United States Army and he led troops in the Ten Rings War in 2018. He is portrayed by Kristian Nairn.


Cornelius has grey hair and heavy grey stubble. As Taurus, he wears a red Ukrainian deep-tunneling suit modified with horns and various weapons.



Powers and Abilities

 Cornelius possess military power, being a high-ranking general of the US Army.

  • Cornelius is a master business man.
  • Cornelius possesses a Ukrainian deep-tunneling suit used when the Ukrainians were attempting to tunnel deep into the ground- deep below where a human could survive. The suit is modified with weapons and the helm is modified with horns to resemble the Zodiac Taurus.
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