Conor is a main character in the Spirit Animals books and movie series. He appears in all three full-length movies, and is shown as a supporting character in some of the movie featurettes.

  He is played by Daniel Scott.


In the movies, Conor is shown to have blond hair, fair skin, some freckles, and brown eyes. He is an average height, young-looking, and slender.


In the series, Conor is shown to be a main protagonist. He is shown as one of the main characters and an important part of the movies.

Reviews and Reactions

Conor was a well-loved character in the movies and books he appeared in. His calm, commanding nature was clearly shown through Daniel Scott, the actor chosen to play Conor.

Most of the reviews for the Conor character are positive, except for a few critics who believe he should have a more active role in the movies. "It's like he's a supporting character, almost," complained one critic. "He has an important role in the series, of course, but I'd like to see more of his development and point of views."  

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