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Have you ever watched the movie Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs? It's a good movie, really. One of the best I have ever watched. The plot of the movie: A person by the name of Flint Lockwood plans to make the world a better place. Well, a lot of people think he's a nerd for that. How was he going to make the world a better place? By inventing a machine that turns water (you may have heard of that before) into food (you also heard of this). He called it the Flint Lockwood Diatomic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator (or the FLDSMDFR for you people who cannot say the invention name 10 times fast). The reason he made the invention was so he could save his hometown, Swallow Falls, because all of the island's townspeople ever eat there are sardines, which are super gross. Instead of working like it should, the FLDSMDFR does something better. It makes food rain from the sky after being launched into the sky. Flint Lockwood's invention was a MIRACLE! ...But for a short period of time, because things spiral out of control later on, and the FLDSMDFR starts making DANGEROUS, COLOSSAL food. Flint had to face the truth. He had to permanently destroy his invention. By destroying the best thing he has ever made, he made something even better. It's (you know what it is) love.

Then, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 came out, and we were given a new plot device. In this movie, we find out what actually motivated Flint to be an inventor. It turns out he watched a show back in the day known as "The Scientifically Wonderful World of Science." The host of the show was Flint's greatest hero, Chester V. According to Flint, "It was like Chester V was speaking directly to me, using the language of science." We were then given a short recap of the previous movie, which ended with Flint Lockwood and Sam Sparks (Flint's girlfriend) kissing. Apparently, the ending for the first movie was canon, as we see Flint and Sam kissing again. Now, they are actually going to make a lab together! But I guess God had other plans, because a helicopter with "Live Corp" flew down and landed. And guess who came out of the helicopter? It was none other than...Chester V! Apparently, he and his troops were going to reverse the damage done by the crazy food storm. And he needed everyone of Swallow Falls to be relocated to the exotic town of San Franjose, California! But he said he wanted Flint to work with him. Flint, being the guy he is, accepted the offer. Before we see the title of the movie, we see the FLDSMDFR turn on. So apparently, the machine isn't gone just yet. But later into the movie, we find out that Chester was not as cunning as you think. It turns out he wanted to steal the FLDSMDFR so he could murder the friendly foodimals (the machine now produced food animals) so he could make Food Bars out of their corpses! Heck, Chester even goes so far as to kill Flint's friends and turn them into food as well, because, according to him, human blood mixed with monkey blood (Flint had a monkey as an assistant by the name of Steve) would "make my product SUPER delicious!" But Flint and the foodimals joined alliances to stop Chester from achieving his destiny. Of course, the ending is happy. The life of the new Swallow Falls was vibrant, Flint and his pals got a new member of the gang, and Flint and Sam were able to fulfill their destiny of making a lab together!

This is where this article's main topic comes in. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 3! We are given a recap of what happened in the last 2 movies. Then, it shows the aftermath of the second movie. Apparently, Flint, Sam, Steve, Brent (who seemed like a few gummies short of a gummy box), Earl (who was skeptical about Flint's idea in the first movie), Manny (Sam's weather assistant), Tim (Flint's dad and a fisherman), and Barb (the new member of the Lockwood gang) were working on something innovative when there was a knock on the door. Flint opens it, and there stood a couple of very agitated military officials. The head chief said that they were going to kick the gang out of the lab. When Lockwood questioned why they were being sent out, the chief responded with, "It's for your own good." They were sent to court. Apparently, they were charged with "property damage" and "vandalism". Now, you might think this seems crazy, but they were talking about the food storm from the first movie. Apparently, the food storm damaged almost every famous landmark of the world, excluding the Statue of Liberty. Flint was found guilty of the thing, even though he fixed everything. But instead of going to jail, Flint and the gang were sentenced with something FAR WORSE. Apparently, while they were on their adventures in the first and second movie, they actually missed 4 MONTHS of school. They were charged with truancy. And the military officials now expelled our protagonists from inventing. If they were caught inventing, even if the invention would make the world a better place, they would be sentenced to jail. Flint and the gang fell into very hard times. Steve and Barb were given away to separate owners, Sam was fired from being a meteorologist and she had to work full time at a low-budget steakhouse, Manny had nothing to do, Brent had to work at a zoo. He had to feed and bathe the chickens every day. What Flint Lockwood had to do, however, was by far the worst. He had to attend college classes. Without all his friends, he was pretty depressed. Then Flint remembered an invention he made in the second movie. It was known as the Grocery Deliverator. Luckily, on that day, Sam was excused from work. She was walking to her "temporary" home when she remembered she left her spatula at the steakhouse. As she was walking home, she heard some talking. She listened closely. She was able to see some military officials chitchatting. Here's the discussion:

Military Official #1: Well, that must be pretty fortunate.

Military Official #2: Yeah. These fellows do have some worthfulness in them.

Sam: *whispering* Hold up. Fellows? Worthfulness?

Military Official #1: Of course! These eight people just might be able to be useful for our next move. Especially that monkey who can actually talk. She seems like the perfect one to study!

Sam: Barb!

Military Official #2: You do realize that the former weathergirl might seem useful for this, right?

Military Official #1: Oh yeah. She has a flippin' Doppler Weather Radar 2000 Turbo! Isn't that a sign of nerdiness? She could be even better than that monkey!

Military Official #2: I agree with ya! She might be able to aid us!

Sam: Wait! "Aid"? Aid what?

Official #1: Though our main focus is the Lockwood person. I mean, he made a food machine! How the heck would we say no to a use like that?

Official #2: I know! Ever since it started creating living food, we have been studying them for ages! Heck, this is why we're doing this whole plan!

Official #1: The plan to destroy Swallow Falls and rebuild it in how we see it? You know, the only eatable food there being sardines?

Official #2: Yeah! Normal food is just overrated. Thank goodness the foodimals on the island exist.

Sam: D-destroy our home? Are they really THAT serious??

Official #1: We already have the brainwashing machine set up. Now that all of the food creatures are mind-controlled, we just need that weathergirl, her assistant, that chicken guy, that police officer, and that talking monkey!

Official #2: You're forgetting that other monkey and that Lockwood person. Also, we're forgetting that fisherman guy. Shouldn't we brainwash them also?

Official #1: Nah, just let them be. That Lockwood person is going through lots of trouble. *grins* Hopefully his schedule will keep him busy for our actions to commence. That monkey assistant of his can't even be useful...without... *pulls out Monkey Thought Translator* ...THIS!

Sam: The translator!

Official #1: And what about the fisher person? Well, he is simply too much of a fish-lover to even help us. He is just plain LAZY!

Sam: *a bit louder* What? No one would ever call my friend's dad lazy!

Then, the officials notice Sam. But as soon as she was noticed, she ran off. The next day, Brent, Earl, Manny, Tim, got a message from Sam, telling them about the true plan of the military. Of course, I don't want to spoil TOO much, so I'll leave the rest to Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation to finish up the story.

The movie itself is 2:19:42 (2 hours, 19 minutes, and 42 seconds) long. It's by far the darkest of the series. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 3 is pretty much the end of the Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs saga. If you like this idea, spread the word to people you know and ask them if they like the idea!

NOTE TO COLUMBIA PICTURES: If you just so happen to accept this idea, please make the ending very sad. Just make sure there is a positive outcome in the ending.