Clea is a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She appears in Doctor Strange 2 and Doctor Strange 3. Clea is portrayed by Alicia Vikander.


Doctor Strange 2

Clea is walking somewhere in the Dark Dimension till she sees an unknown man fighting against some demons. She helps him with killing them. The man, called Doctor Strange, takes her to Earth. There she goes train under him.

On the end of her training, she must fight against Christine Palmer, another student trained by Wong. She loses this fight, making Doctor Strange angry. Clea spends lots of time with Doctor Strange and falls in love with him. Christine Palmer becomes very jealous and goes back to the USA. After that, the team goes to the Dream Dimension to kill Nightmare. Clea, Strange and Wong kill lots of demons, but are later defeated. The demons bring them to Nightmare. When they are, they see that Baron Mordo and Nightmare work together. Luckily, Christine Palmer comes back and opens their cage. They defeat Nightmare, but Baron Mordo goes in a portal to Earth. They do the same and the Dream Dimension explodes.

Back on Earth, they see that Baron Mordo took over Kamar-Taj. Strange, Clea, Wong and Palmer work together to kill all his man. On the sky, there opens a portal with Dormammu coming out of it. He sends lots of his Mindless Ones. She hates her uncle and wants to kill him. Doctor Strange kills Baron Mordo. The team goes to the Dark Dimension and fight against Dormammu. But he is too strong and Strange, Wong and Palmer give up. Clea don't she stays in the Dark Dimension. In the Post-Credit Scene, it's seen that she builds up an army to kill Dormmamu.

Doctor Strange 3

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