Chronos is the Greek Titan of time as well as the king of the Titans in Greek Mythology. He appears in Titanomachy as the main antagonist- even though he has more screen time than the protagonist, Zeus.


When Chronos was young he had slicked back blonde-brown hair. His eyes were hetrochromic- one pale blue, one brown. After Chronos adsorbed the gift- and curse- of time, he aged very fast and his hair became messier and his skin became strewn with wrinkles. His eyes sunk in and he gained an insane look to him. His teeth became dirtier and he gained stubble. He often wore a loose black toga and used an elaborate bronze scythe in combat.



Known For

  • Being the traditional antagonist of Greek Mythology
    Mads Mikkelsen as Chronos
  • Eating his children
  • Being the stronger force in the Titanomachy
  • Murdering his father
  • Taking over the world
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