Chloe film is a live Action from The 2019 was precented By Jungle Book, Dumbo, Aladdin, The Lion king When JD Mccary is The New Voice of Chloe Donald glover, as an Adult was the new voice as a buck.


Taking a place from "Chloe" was born in the Thicket, a cat is Muffin (Millie Davis) a doe was gives a of an fawn Gives her mother a birth, Then Muffin was thumping, he wakes Up Owl (John Oliver) When a doe who had gives a newborn daughter, Name is Chloe's Mother (Alfre Woodards) When The animals watching to see Says Hello Little Princess, Then Chloe Stands Up Bit up her legs when Muffin says That she was is she, Then Chloe starts backwords and she back her mother was sleep, Then She calls Her Chloe, Wheb the camera flashes then the Old Stag appears in a cliff rock,

When Chloe and Her Mother wants explores the forest then The Squirrel (Donald Glover) When Chloe's Mother Meets Miss Quil (Meryl Streep) When Chloe Sees The quil's chicks and says good morning, But then Chloe Meets The Posums and her children upside-down agree them, Chloe sees the mole (Gary Anthony Williams) Then Chloe falls why did the young prince falls down apart, did she hurt her shes not, When Muffin tells her mother says Why did your father tell you in this morning, Muffin says don't say nothing at all, When Chloe was standing get up, she and friends are playing walk by side Chloe should jumps on a log tree, Chloe Falls and tumbles Muffin about Falling, Chloe and Friends sees a bird eating a blue berry from a tree leaf, When Chloe lungs saying Bird they could spoken and talks and speaks, Chloe saw a butterfly landed a tail, when Chloe smells something a flower patch, A skunk Flower (Jacob Tremblay), Muffin laughs and round them with Chloe and Flower, When Flower says He can call me a flower if he wants too, i don't mind, Then Chloe says Pretty Flower, Flower Laughs and giggles.

Then Chloe and Muffin when home but then a thunderstorm into the raindrops, Then Muffin Went Home, Chloe was sleeps with her mother, suddenly a raindrops plops at the leaf, then Chloe was waking up, A raindrops plops into Chloe's nose, During The Song (Little April Shower) The Animals gets home and cover the rain, Drops When A mouse was covering with a home den with a cave, But then Chloe hears thundering noise about the rain But her Mother wants to sleep, When Owl wakes and sees the rain thundering. But then Chloe was starts sleeps Then Her Mother nuzzles into her daughter's back, Then a Raindrops plops on a rain falling.

Then Chloe grows Up into a yearling fawn (JD Mccary) When Her Mother says That she wants to go to the meadow, When Her Mother Explains That she will get to the meadow with the south deer of the south wood, But Chloe wants her mother says and she will follow go to the meadow and, Angel Is Aunt Floriza's Daughter (Shahadi Wright Joseph), Then Chloe was very shy like in the animated film, Chloe and Angel are playing at the meadow just then, A young Bucks are galloping into the meadow, Chloe pulls Angel away, Then She meets her father The Old Stag (Patrick Stewart) he voiced against in the animated films, Then Chloe was so scared that she meets The Stag, and her mother explains thats very brave than wise it was the old stag, Just Then a Crows came to See Man, was in the forest Then Chloe was looking her mother then Old Stag appears Chloe should ran away. Her mother was safe in the meadow Chloe was sees her mother telling Man was in the forest.

The Winter was coming in the autumn into winter Like in the animated Film Chloe waking up Sees a winter was coming like in the original film, Muffin slides into the water stiff. Chloe jumps and falls come apart into the ice water, Muffin Using holding into Chloe's Legs, and Pushed by Muffin then they crash into the snow, Flower was sleeping like in the animated film, he sleeps and yawning hibernate, And Her mother and the deers walk by side the meadow snow, Then Chloe says Winter sure is long like in the animated film, and her Mother sleeps upon her body during snow to sleep, Just Then They eat grass with a snow in the ground There something's strange it was Man was coming, Then Chloe ran fast and her mother gets killed by Man, Then Chloe hears cried saying Mother, She has no answer, Then Chloe sees says "Mother, Mother" then she gasps and shocked and sees Old Stag saying Your mother can be with you anymore, Then taking a film previous of "Chloe III" But Owl explains Old Stag, "Poor Little Fellow" Owl said to The Stag, He says looking his mother, Then Old stag says Raising Chloe with, a young doe should be help her. Owl Sees up hear then he says until spring Then, Old Stag sleeps with Chloe into the den.

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